Ageless With Chocolate

Drinking hot chocolate a day is a practical way to increase antioxidant intake. Because, recent studies show that chocolate flour is more antioxidant than other drinks  and even red wine.

According to research that hot chocolate drinks contain more antioxidants per glass. In addition, this drink is a delicious alternative to add anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that are declared effective against cancer, heart disease and the aging process.

Should you drink it? According to researchers, although chocolate powder can be found on various products, such as chocolate bars, drinking is the most effective way to maximize its healthy benefits. This is because chocolate bars are rich in saturated fats.

In addition, drinking pure chocolate powder can help you get a variety of positive benefits in terms of regulating blood pressure and glucose metabolism. However, people tend to eat processed chocolate that contains various unwanted components (such as sugar, corn syrup, milk / cream milk fat, and hydrogenated oil). In this processed product, the content of the chocolate powder is usually less than 20%.

Reduce risk of disease
Drinking chocolate can prevent stroke, heart failure, cancer, and diabetes by less than 10%. Natural chocolate powder contains  flavonoids (serves to improve circulation and other supporting factors for heart health).

The facts show that ancient people (Indians who live on the island of San Blas) who drink lots of chocolate powder rich in flavonoids (3-4 glasses a day) rarely experience blood pressure and heart disease. Besides improving blood circulation, laboratory tests also show that flavonoids can relax blood vessel tissue.

These flavonoids work by:

Reduces cholesterol with  arterial plaque formation / atherosclerosis.

Suppresses the tendency of small blood cells (platelets) and forms blood coagulation. This is known as the aspirin effect.

Regulates inflammation and immune response.

Regulates blood vessel flexibility, or the degree of contraction, which also affects high blood pressure.

Other benefits. Although most studies focus on cardiovascular health, the scientists  of chocolate powder flavonoids in fighting cancer and diseases related to inflammation or impaired immune function. The study reports that chocolate powder has the potential to overcome diarrhea because the flavonoid content in it can inhibit the secretion of fluid  intestine.

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