Benefits of Drinks for Your Body

Now is the time for you to switch to a much healthier drink. Drinking Water Can Maintain Body Fluid Balance Your body consists of 60% water.

Its function is for food digestion, absorption, blood circulation, as transportation of nutrients and maintaining body temperature. "Your brain communicates to the kidneys and says how much water will be released as urine or as a liquid reserve," said one who helped medical professors at Stnford University.

When your body's fluid levels are low, the brain instructs the body's mechanism to feel thirsty. And you immediately take the actions you take such as drinking water, juice, milk, coffee, alcohol. "Alcohol will oppose communication between the brain and kidneys and cause excessive discharge of fluid so that it can cause dehydration," he said. 

Water Can control Calories For several years, dieters drank a strategy to lose weight. Water does nothave the effect of losing weight, replacing with high-calorie drinks can help. Water Gives Muscle Power Cells that and will make muscles fatigued. "When muscle cells are not supplied by fluid needs, they cannot work properly and their performance will be weak," he said.

Water can make skin look good and its function is to preventing excess fluid loss."Dehydration makes your skin look dry and wrinkled, which can increase hydraulic compatibility," he said. "But once your hydration is fulfilled, the kidneys will take over and release excess fluid." Water can also "lock" itself inside the skin as a moisturizer for your skin, so the skin does not dry out. Water can help the kidneys work. Body fluids transport excess production in cells.

The production of excess water that passes through the kidneys will be released in the urine. "Your kidneys are doing a wonderful job of cleaning your body and you have enough of your body fluids," he said.

When you cannot meet your fluid needs, the intestines will draw water from the dirt to maintain the body's hydration (thus causing constipation). "Adequacy of fluids and fiber is a perfect combination, because pumping liquid fibers and moving like brooms to keep your drainage channels working properly," said Koelemay.

Now, it's time for you to meet your body fluids now!

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