Change in Persian Name to Iran

The Persian leader at the time, Shah Reza Pahlavi considered changing the name Persia to Iran. With the transformation of Persian names to Iran, Shah Reza Pahlavi wanted all ethnicities or descendants in Persia to unite. Persian names are considered to make the people at that time fragmented. Between ethnic Kurds and Turds are still not united as a whole and have a sense of togetherness.

In addition, the Persian name is considered to have a bad connotation, in other words as a 'weak' thing and can hinder the development of the dynasty amid the threat of imperialism from Europe.

While the name 'Iran' which is defined as 'Arya land' is considered as a representation of strength, prosperity and revival and the generation of a spirit of nationalism throughout the people.

This name was submitted by Nazi Minister of Economy Hjalmar Schacht to Shah Palavi.
Shah Palavi at the time called on international parties to begin changing the name for his dynasty from Persia to Iran. In full, the name Iran was then mentioned as Iran's Shahanshask State. However, the name change was not easy for international parties to accept.

They regard 'Aryan' as the origin of the word 'Iran' as being associated with the definition of the Nazis: descendants of causal, non-Jewish, blue-eyed, blonde hair, which Adolf Hitler declared his ancestors.