Cut Nyak Din and Panglima

Names of helpers / commander of Cut His' Din can be noted include:

1. Teuku Ali Baet, son of Teuku Muda Baet. In the past it was told that Muda Baet surrendered during the Habib Abdu'r-Rahman time. Muda Baet was banished by the Dutch, but when the Dutch hoped that Muda Baet would help him maintain security, he was returned to Aceh and his power as the uleebalang was restored. But Muda Baet secretly helped the struggle, especially Cut Nya 'Din's struggle, both with money and with weapons.

Finally Muda Baet was discarded again by the Dutch, and once in Nusa Tenggara Mining. Teuku Ali Baet the young Baet child helped actively with Cut Nya 'Din. Teuku Ali Baet was also Cut-in-Din's son-in-law. In 1902 by Cut Nya 'Din was still tasked with watching over the battlefield around King Island. During the battle of 30 June 1902, Ali Baet faced with Christoffel's army, but the Dutch failed to break it.

2. Teuku Rajeu Nanta, his sister.
Originally, his brother 'Din, namely Teuku Rajeu Nanta was equally as semicent in a group with His' Din. But then, this situation cannot be maintained anymore. Teuku Rajeu Nanta had his own guerrilla warfare and he 'Din had to part with him.

3. Panglima Laot, Cut Nya 'Din's assistant. Then it was Panglima Laot who reported Cut Nya 'Din to the Dutch.

4. Commander of the Habib Panjang, then killed martyrdom in Bor Berawan (Pameue).

5. Teuku tandi, Vocational Wojla.

6. Teuku Nana, the son of Cut Nya 'Din, son of his brother Rajeu Nanta bin Teuku Nanta Seutia. Nanta then goes to the exile in Sumedang.
7. Cut Nya 'Gambang, Cut Nya's daughter' Din himself. Cut Nya 'Gambang is the wife of  the Teungku Maet Di Tiro cleric.

8. The 'Banya' Keutchi, then continued his struggle with Teuku Maet Di Tiro and was martyred together.

In fact, the Dutch were increasingly active in holding siege, which became increasingly tight. Because the basic guerrilla struggle tactics are to avoid every opportunity that allows the enemy to seeing fighters, the effective step is to reduce the number of the group to the smallest.

The fewer the number of guerrilla forces the thinner the hopes of the enemy to find out the fighters and the greater the chance to attack the enemy suddenly. Struggling here and there with reduced energy is difficult, besides the supplies must be transported by themselves, Makes a peeper and messenger difficult to provide.

This resulted in the fact that one group of warriors did not know the fate of the other groups of warriors. With the increasingly tight siege of the Netherlands, Cut Nya 'Din guerrilla forces were increasingly divided and dispersed. The Dutch attack on Geumpang on a Sunday in 1904, also proved the activities of the Aceh warriors who had never been extinguished spirit of resistance.

Lieutenant Darlang has been ordered by an army of 3 brigades to depart from Tangse towards Geumpang. The Dutch had received news from their spies that Teuku Geundong, the son of the late Teuku Umar, had prepared war training among his subordinates, to carry out an attack later. This news broke through because two people following Teuku

Imam Ripeh had been "bought" by the Dutch and were willing to show Teuku Geundong's headquarters. Also with Teuku Rajeu Nanta, Cut Nya 'Din's sister and Teuku Imam Ripeh from West Aceh. According to a report submitted to Darlang, Imam Ripeh has joined Brahim Montasik.

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