Death Execution Setting 'Forbidden Love'

That day Anna Mansdotter wore her best clothes, a white dress that fell right on slim body. He climb the stone stairs that lead to under. His steps faltered, his eyes wide looking around nervously. Anna didn't fight when herded into specially prepared wooden stage for him. Sobbing, woman 48 the year knelt, his eyes gazed at the executioner's direction hiding the ax behind your back. A moment later, life was separated from his body.

Thursday, August 7, 1890, Anna Mansdotter killed beheaded. As quoted from murderpedia.org, she is a woman last was executed in Sweden. It all started in Yngsjo, a municipality that doesn't really matter in remote south. Thanks to Anna, village the page became famous throughout the world. As a crime scene murder and forbidden love story behind the criminal action. Anna Mansdotter is married to Nils Nilsson, who is 13 years older than him around 1860.

Both marriages were not goes as expected. Relationship husband and wife were bland, even colored tension. Somehow the story, the woman finally looking for comfort in yourself his son, Per Nilsson. Incest: Maybe since Per Nilsson was small, he became object of female sexual abuse that is give birth to it. More mature, the man increasingly dependent on his mother.

The family dies at 1883, when Per was 21 years old, a relationship it is not natural for the mother and child to become more, unattended. However, there is nothing that can be kept secret in that small community. People start gossip about closeness suspicious of both. After marriage, Hanna stayed together with her husband and mother-in-law. 

But instead of honeymoon. Day- the day feels like hell. He doesn't want to share his son's love. While, Per weak soul. He did nothing even to defend his wife. Hanna really likes Per complaining about the husband's treatment in-laws. He even requested that his father intervenes forcing Anna stay separate from the newlywed.

"I am afraid of Anna Mansdotter like someone sticking a knife into "I have a chest, every time I see it," he said crying, according to the book Yngsjomordet by Yngve Lyttkens. The poor woman often sees her husband and her mother both in the cage.

Talking about something. "I feel they conspire against me. I didn't even dare to go  home. I feel like it shouting out loud. "Hanna's last letter to her parents, 7 the day before his death read, "Me will go from Yngsjo. I will too invite Per. " Murder Plot: What exactly happened the triangle relationship is unknown person. However, Hanna later found out began to be suspicious of closeness husband and mother's husband. That is made Anna decide to finish him. 

That morning, March 28, 1889, a neighbor looking for Hanna. However, he did not find that woman. Not long after, he met Per who said, his wife might be out. Neighbors who don't believe, forced into the house. In it, he find the door to the basement open. Per peek into the hole and said, "Oh, it turns out he's here. Died due to falling. Oh no, it's bad for me. "Dramatic words, but all of that he said almost expressionlessly. The people who arrived put it suspicious because of the condition of the late not reasonable. There are traces of scar on his neck.

They also report to the police immediately do an autopsy. The conclusion: Hanna Johansdotter died was  killed. Finally everything was revealed. Murder is also a prohibited relationship between mother and child. Anna Mansdotter and Per Nilsson was sentenced to prison for incestuous and death sentences in the murder of Hanna Johansdotter. The executioner ended Anna's life.

However, Per got the king's forgiveness changing his death sentence into a sentence of jail. Its neighbors support that appeal he submitted. They see the man as victim. So, when Per was released 23 years later, they received it with open arms. The man died due to lung disease in 1918. Meanwhile, the story of Yngsjo's murder legendary and a lot of inspiration books, dramas and films.

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