Gochi Not only from Tibet

But lately, goji has been treated like a newcomer. In fact, some sources say that the largest goji producing region in the world is China. Goji can grow easily in all regions of China, but its plantations include the Uyghur region, the Thian San mountains in Xin Jiang, also in the Zhong Ning area, Ning Xia. Other sources say that goji does grow exclusively in the interior of Mongolia and the Himalayan mountain valley in Tibet.

There are also large producers of goji fruit juice. In addition, it is said that in some remote places in the Himalayas, many residents are old and their health conditions are still very good. Apart from living naturally and away from pollution, this is the secret of their longevity, having the habit of eating goji.

Perhaps, this is why goji is more popular as a herb originating from Tibet. The specialty of Goji Berry Cites Breakthrough in HEALTH magazine, fruits, goji contains the highest antioxidant. This ability works to reduce aging and cell damag. One of the minerals contained in goji is germanium. This mineral is rarely found in other foods.

With this role, goji helps maintain brain function and avoids senility. Goji also contains zeaxanthin and lutein, nutrients that are useful for maintaining sharpness. Drinking goji is the right choice in maintaining skin firmness, black skin, slim body, and delaying or increasing fertility.

Goji contains a lot of potassium minerals and needs to produce collagen and control the production of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Improve the immune system. The role of the goji in enhancing immunity cannot be separated from its typical polysaccharide, called Lycium barbarum polysaccarides (LBP). According to Dr.

The combination of polysaccharides and fiber contained in goji can increase good bacteria that live in the digestive tract (probiotics). Probiotics work like soldiers who are in charge of protecting the body's defenses against attacks by bad bacteria. Avoid cancer. Of the 100 cancer sufferers, 79 of them showed better development after consuming goji

Preferably, goji can reduce cancer cells (World Journal Gastroenterol, 2006). Control cholesterol and blood pressure. Cholesterol in the blood is very dangerous for the heart if you experience the process of breaking down compounds (oxidation) due to free radicals. This enzyme produces antioxidants to reduce oxidation.

Increasing age can reduce levels of enzymes. A study in China found that antioxidants in goji can increase SOD production, and reduce oxidized cholesterol. These antioxidants also control blood pressure while staying normal. Increase sexual vitality and function. In China, Goji is also famous for its efficacy in improving sexual performance. "In the TCM treatment system, Goji is a cold herb (yin).

This herb has the power to strengthen stamina (as a tonic). In TCM treatment, decreased sexual function is due to lack of yin in the liver and kidneys. Goji also strengthens spirit and zen (spirit), so consuming goji fruit besides making the body fit, it also strengthens the mental and gives a sense of cheerfulness.
Goji plays a role in stimulating insulin production and controlling blood sugar. Not surprisingly, the goji is quite a sell as a snack. Goji tastes sweet and the level of the glycemic index in goji does not reduce blood sugar levels dramatically. Seeing a series of properties is not excessive if many people flatter goji as a remedy for all diseases.

Moreover, Dr. Sicily Indrajaya said, based on empirical experience for hundreds of years, in general these herbs are safe for consumption, even by children. "In some countries, one of which is Britain, goji is a food category that is free of trade, and does not need to be registered as a drug," said Dr. Sicily.

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