Methods and Benefits of Circumcision

Have you been circumcised? For those who haven't, try it! Circumcision in Arabic cuts the skin of the male genitals, which in Arabic is called qulfah or in Latin called praeputium glandis or in our language is called foreskin (not foreskin). Khitan itself is often known as Sunat in Indonesian or Circumcisio in Latin, or Selam in Javanese.

Circumcision is an Islamic teaching inherited from Prophet Ibrahim. But the divine religions other than Islam, Christians and Jews actually taught their followers to carry out this circumcision.

In a hadith narrated by Imam Bukhori stated, "Prophet Ibrahim carried out circumcision when he was 80 years old using an ax." In Islam, circumcision applies to men and women.

Another opinion, the schools of Shafi'i and Hambali and Sahnun (from Malikiyah scholars) say that legal circumcision is mandatory for men and women. This opinion is based on a verse that instructs the Prophet Muhammad to follow the teachings of Prophet Ibrahim.The time of circumcision for the Shafi'i and Hambali schools is when baligh, because the usefulness of circumcision is to purify thaharah (purification) in worship. But it was circumcised when the baby was 7 days old, because the Prophet had carried out ‘aqiqah and circumcision for his two grandchildren Hasan and Husain on the seventh day (HR Baihaqi). Psychologically, circumcision should be done when the child is brave so that psychological trauma is more minimal.

The development of science, the method of circumcision has also become increasingly sophisticated. When you first use a sharp bamboo knife to cut it to the most advanced method now using a laser. Many circumcision techniques and naming each technique are based on the circumcision tools and techniques performed. The oldest technique is guilotine or incisions. Then there is the dorsumsisi (circular incision) technique, the ring method (zhenxi circumcision ring or ross circumcision ring) which was introduced since 1942. There are also double circular incision techniques (sleeve resection / freehand circumcision), sheldon, comco clamp, mogen technique increased use in the US,  which is often used sharplan CO2 medical laser, and others. The technique commonly used in Indonesia is by cutting using bistouri (scalpel) or also known as the conventional method, smart clamp, plestible, tara clamp, and cauter. This conventional method is still considered good compared to electro cauter or laser.

Circumcision is beneficial for keeping the penis organs clean. After being circumcised, it is easier to clean the white dirt (smegma). Even in 2006, a study showed that circumcised men were shown to rarely contract sexually transmitted infections compared to those who were not circumcised. In the 25th international conference on AIDS in Bangkok. Explained by the results of the study, circumcision can reduce the level of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), syphilis, and boils on the genitals.

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