Nature and Women Suffering from Development

Nature and women have the same function, namely as a means of reproduction. Both have similarities when generalized to their functions in the social system. A woman is someone where she is a production for her family, women have reproductive organs to produce offspring and also help their husbands in providing food at home. Though nature is also considered as a reproduction of agriculture, forests, animal products, etc. which then become processed materials for human survival.

In the process along with human development and modernization, nature and women also still occupy space as victims. Modernization of development in this case with development in agriculture, namely the Green Revolution which has caused misery for nature. The use of heavy machinery of agricultural machinery and chemical fertilizers to increase agricultural productivity increasingly makes nature eroded and also damages the soil's nutrient structure.

They have a big responsibility to fill food at their home dining table. The product produced must increase and the results will be sold. As for subsistence needs (own needs) sometimes farmers pay less attention. Therefore, for household food needs that eventually rotate the brain are women. Finally, it is women who have to find food needs at the dinner table.

The green revolution at that time had marginalized the function of women who were initially able to care for nature with their female nature. The role of women which was eventually replaced by heavy agricultural machinery has made natural exploitation increasingly. Even though women as subjects of agriculture need to be maintained as an effort to preserve nature and preserve life.

Exploitation or Gender Equations?

These are the women who are lowering the sand from the pickup. They are only paid a small wage for each pick up. That also includes raising and lowering sand.

These two tough women also carry stones from one place to another. They no longer think that women as housewives, they have to work to bear the economy of their families.

They claimed to do this because they were forced. Increasingly high economic demands make these women do work that should be done by their husbands.

No one ever commented about their profession. Because almost all housewives work as hard workers.

Is this what is called gender equality? Or is this oppression? Are there women in urban areas like them?

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