Old Goji Herbs Appear More Tempting

In medicine using traditional medicine, goji has long been known in Asia, especially Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Japan.

Goji has the Latin name Lycium barbarum. You will meet him with a different name. In the pharmaceutical world it is called Fructus lycii. It is popularly known as goji berry, wolfberry, western snowberry, Lycium fruit, marriage vine fruit and boxthorn.

While in Thailand it is called Gao Gee. This pronunciation of gao gee is similar to the name of goji in China, namely ningxia gouqi, gouqi, qou qi zi or qi zi.

Maybe because it's hard to recite gouqi, many people then call it goji. While in Indonesia, goji is better known as ki ci, "said Dr. Sicily.

Sounds familiar? Right.
Usually we come across a half-dried red fruit, the size of raisins. "Chinese people use this herb as a sub-herb mixture.

Some of them, use goji as an ingredient in making wine that has medicinal properties (to treat back pain). In addition, these herbs are also often consumed  dried sweets as snacks, "Dr. Sicily explained.

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