Performance for Energy Full Athletes

A study shows that the LBP content of Polysaccharides on Goji results in tremendous increase in endurance during training, and helps reduce fatigue. 
Goji increase glycogen absorption capacity (glycogen source of energy in the body).

Help post-workout recovery (healing period after Exercise). 
Reduce muscle pain by increasing the activity of changing lactic acid into a lactase dehydrogenase enzyme. 

Nineteen reasons for the superiority of Gochi juice compared to other juices:

Reduces fatigue
Improve the ability of body activity
Increase energy Reduce stress
Feel more calm Improve focus ability
Improve mental acuity
Sleep quality is better
It's easier to wake up
Feel healthier
Feel more satisfied
Feel happier
Regularity of defecation
Increase SOD (Superoxide dismutase)
Increase Glutathione Peroxida (GSH-Px)
Reducing free radical damage
Increase Limpocytes (Lymphocytes)
Increase Interukin 2 (IL-2)
Increase IgG (Immunoglobulin G)

A powerful and essential antibody In a randomized, double-blind, and comparatively recent placebo study. Research shows that Gochi improves health, happiness in 19 core areas, only by consuming Gochi 4 × 30 ml / day regularly for just 30 days !. According to Gochi's research from Freelife the benefits are not accidental. They are described as the Gochi Effect. And these benefits are interrelated.

How to live healthy?

That is by keeping the food we eat regularly, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, thanking God for the daily life by praying. We have to learn a lot in our daily lives to get something new, such as knowing how to live healthy to live long, avoid fatty or dirty foods, such as fried foods, fatty meats, smoking, drinking alcohol. Love yourself from now on by maintaining health from now on.

In today's life many people are stressed out by the mind so that they are sick, so avoid stressful thoughts by praying to God a lot by meditation, so that our minds avoid all kinds of disturbances. Health be kept from small, from the pattern of food, drinks, the environment to clean pollution, do not stress the mind, many are grateful in daily prayers. Lots of health products are offered in our society.

We can choose which one is suitable and right for making our daily consumption and adjust it to our financial pocket.  ... Life is more comfortable. 

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