Sharpened Bamboo is Weapon Against Invaders

Pointed bamboo is a weapon made of sharpened bamboo raw material. This weapon was once said to be used  as the main weapon against colonialism. One of the characters is K.H. Subchi from Parakan, Temanggung, known as the title of General Bamboo Spiky. He was an advisor to the BMT (Temanggung Muslim Front) which was later known to be the Point of Bamboo Runcing. History The originator of the struggle movement with sharp bamboo weapons, a weapon of mass and national struggle, until now it has not been very clear. Runcing Bamboo

Weapons were used by Seinendan military training in the Japanese era. But specifically the use of Bambu Runcing weapons with prayer, filling in energy, indeed this can be said expressly, starting from dai Parakan, Temanggung. Who are the kiai involved there are various views. But all converged on important figures in Parakan.

Istakhori and its continuation are also KH. Mandzur from Temanggung and various scholars in NU Temangggung, especially MW Parakan. The Bamboo Point weapon was used as a means of struggle, departing from nothing, the lack of available war equipment, while the struggle had to continue especially after Indonesia's independence.

The enemy of Indonesia after the proclamation became very much and with great powers, Japan which still entrenched, the Dutch who wanted to take control again and the Allies who would also colonize replace Japan and the Netherlands. So practical, the need for weapons needed. The power of prayer is a major factor in the strength of these traditional tools.

It turns out that in the historical reality, the struggle using pointed bamboo weapons, occurred in almost all battlefields. Lasykar-lasykar the BKR people, AMRI, Hizbullah, Sabilillah and so on who were involved in fighting in various events, used Pointed Bamboo weapons as the main weapon. Specific historical relics of Bambu Runcing relating to Bambu Runcing Parakan can be traced to places, or kiai who have been involved in various Bamboo Runcing events.

Until now KH. Subkhi still stands and various relics, KH. R Sumo Gunardo is still also a number of relics, some in the Monjali Museum (Jogja Kembali Monument), Islamic Boarding School KH. M. Ali is still standing up and growing. The former BMT office and gilding center has changed, but the traces are still there. And specifically the wells that are often taken by the water for the tapering of Bamboo Point are still there. Especially in Temanggung even where Kiai Mandzur is known as the Mujahideen, until now it is the center of the Tarekat activities.

The armed struggle involving the Bamboo Runcing weapon was very clear and real. After independence with the invaders, where at that time the Indonesian people were without sophisticated weapons, the Sharp Bamboo became the mass weapon of the Indonesian people.

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