The Smile of the Mask That Begins to Cry

Mask dance which was so entrenched in Malang area had once reached its peak in the 70s. Because this art Malang city is known as a reference city of tourism in the East Java region. But what is the fate of regional art that has become an icon of regional art now?

Their inner expressions on the stage of the event seemed happy even in a sad heart. The slick movement played by 12 performers is full of aesthetic value, but it feels hard to carry out when they reflect on their daily lives as heroes of regional art.

(Dance) Malang Mask which has been the trigger of enthusiasm in facing the obstacles in life is now less able to "fight for" their fate. But in their minds there are no more things that can be done to negotiate with each other so that this art will continue to live and support them.

Yes, that is the fate experienced by this art work now. The fate of the fighters of this cultural work is now flooding in the wheel of the era replaced by the ferocious flow of globalization. As if in contrast to that, Peni Suparto, mayor of Malang, who acted as the opening act of this event issued a statement "as good citizens of Malang, we must be prepared to uphold the historical work of this beloved city." But behind the stage, Handoyo as the leader of the mask dancer group said that the real contribution that was obtained from the community compared to what they fought for from the effort to display this art was very mediocre. "Yes, maybe just enough to support the family for 5 days," he said, accompanied by a smile of submission. Movement, sanepan, jokes and various attributes of art based on Javanese art are so glorified.

Met at his residence, Karimun (89 years old), a Malang mask elder who often says "endi arek-arek iki?" (Where are the children / successors now?) As if his heart cried if he remembered the sweet memory of his past. Housed in the central location of Malang mask art, Kedungmonggo hamlet, Karang Pandan village, Pakis sub-district, he often lay back because his body had been loved by old diseases.

Two years ago I met a person who was usually called Mbah Mun. At that time, he seemed still eager to sculpt the mask with his own hands. "In the past, if we did a performance in a studio, the number of spectators seemed to burst to the exit of the studio. But now only the studio stairs ". According to him the government paid little attention to our fate as artists. Even though at the time of the General Election many prospective leaders arrived here. Lali be`e (forgot maybe). When asked about his hopes, the one who became the elder of Kejawen Science in Malang wisely replied, "Wong urinate kuwi, I have to be patient zinc, lan nrimo" (the living person must always be patient and accepting).

He never sued him later. So that what has been promised does not come true. Next, the government is left to participate in raising the Malang mask flag so that the players are not busy with their daily work. And as a result, the art of Nini is not swallowed up in time.