The Story of Astronauts Listen to 'Azan' in Space

Travel for 11 days in space, which really means to Sheikh Muszaphar, also pride for Malaysia. He boarded Soyuz TMA-11 with two other spaceman Yuri Malenchenko (Russia) and Peggy Whitson (US). In conditions without weight, Sheikh Muszaphar did trial related characteristics.

There, on the edge of the sky, Sheikh Muszaphar claimed to be a witness of miracles: faintly heard in his ears, the voice of the call to bow down to worshiping Allah. "During my coinciding trip with Ramadan, I like hearing the sound of the call to prayer on the Space Station International, "he said in an interview exclusive with Anadolu Agency (AA). "Everyone who has the opportunity to go into space will feel a miracle.

"Other astronauts don't hear it, but the tone of the prayer call was clear in his ear. "But I heard the call is physical, real. You You might not be surprised if you get it an experience like mine when in space, you are close to God in every second. "

Sheikh Muszaphar also felt spiritual experience when seeing how small earth. And don't think how can humans in it be mutually kill. And, his journey became an astronaut conquer one fear the biggest. "We were trained to be brave, not afraid of anything. Before, I was a height phobia, "he admitted.

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