The Story of the First Muslim Astronaut in Space

The roar of rocket engines and bursts of fire brought Discovery aircraft flying  on June 17, 1985.At that time, he was on a mission, one of them place a satellite. The mission lasts 7 days, 1 hour, 38 minutes and 52 seconds. The prince is heading to 4.67 million kilometers from Earth - to a place you never stepped on countrymen. What did he feel when he looked down from an extraordinary height? "There we will realize how small humans are.

We just the smallest creature inthe universe, "said he was quoted as saying by The National. The prince - King Salman's son now enthroned - admit, seconds when he lifts it makes him nervous. "If someone says that momentum isn't scary, surely he is lying.

I pray at any time. Launching and landing are thrilling moments. " As Muslims, the Sultan is human the first to offer prayers and recite verses Holy Qur'an verses in zero condition gravity. How does he pray in outer space ?: The Sultan said, a Muslim can pray anytime. "Facing everything direction. Like in a spaceship, you know, we can't really face to Mecca.

"I have to tie my legs I can prostrate myself. But, it can't done perfectly because lack of gravity. " Under the conditions of a traveler or traveling far away, a Muslim gets relief in worship. "As a traveler, me pray 3 times a day, not 5 times. And I pray based on Florida time, when our plane is flying. " Incidentally, the mission into space coincides with a month full of blessings.

"I was the first creature of Ramadan fasting in outer space." The Sultan also plays a role in changing perceptions about a universe.

After talking with the prince, he change mind. The mufti becomes blind at age 40 and can't watch television, even dreamed of someday can go into space.

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