The Story of the Sexual Life of Husband Busy Woman

At first glance people think we are happy, because we are from a religious family and understand education. But actually it's not, I have to hold back a lot when that desire arises. Sometimes I wonder how come my wife is like that, even though she understands a lot of things, "said Udin (pseudonym) when describing his household life, especially relating to sexual life.

It is ironic that this fate is faced by Udin. Unlike the thinking of people who consider Udin and his wife to be ideal and happy couples, it turns out they are not. But Udin is not alone. Many similar couples have to experience problems like Udin's. Just say Bejo (pseudonym). His marriage to the son of one of the major religious leaders in the city where he was born did not make him sexually happy but instead had to make him "get the right to get special rights as a husband"

Both stories actually represent the thousands of problems faced by "busy couples" in various parts of the country. The strong emancipation that makes women "taller" both in terms of social and economic status is not always positive. Various terms that favor women in aligning themselves with men, such as the term "gender equality" in practice do not always have a positive impact.

In contrast to traditional and religious understanding which provides strict rules for women to obey men, "emancipation" or "gender equality" which are misunderstood, in its implementation it "castrates" the right of men to get "special services" as a person husband.

Not infrequently, a husband must humble himself in such a way as to beg for his rights. Just say what happened to Udin. This productive-age activist claimed to have to "beg for rations" which he should have received as a husband. To get a "once play" allotment he sometimes had to beg for "The Wife" who incidentally was a career woman who had higher income and facilities than him.

    Ironically, in one month even though he had to "beg" hundreds or even thousands of times, he would not get rations more than three times. Even more ironic, in doing so sometimes the wife "just" completes "rituals" only.

"Wow, the gregeten rasane was rejected, even though wis wanted it.  This is not just lust but a rejection of my existence as a man, "said Udin, who often had to slam the chair and door when he received his wife's rejection.

Udin's position as a religious leader and community figure in his city scared him to vent "biological needs" which were not fulfilled by "career women" who became his wives. Let alone cheating or prostitution, to watch porn movies that are easily "downloaded" from the internet or purchased at the seller of pirated vcd / dvd, he does not want to.

But the consequences were terrible, he was actually apathetic and did not care about his wife. For him, the wife is no more than a robot who "happens to" live with him. "The concept of the union of two bodies into one flesh" which is the initial commitment when the decision to undergo maghligai together.

He chose to act which he thought was more realistic even though it was contrary to religious and moral values. "Free sex" is the choice he made. The right which had been "suppressed" by his wife, was fought with full totality until he got it, even though not from his wife.

As a result, localization and a number of jasmine-class hotels became Bejo's choice to vent their desires which he said were rights that must be fought for. Do not want to fall into "formalities" in having sex, in choosing the couple Bejo act selectively. He chooses the type of woman who can truly "fulfill his rights that are taken away".

Bejo "really" felt as a man who "got his rights" from women who were considered bullies and destroyers of the household. Even though he had to spend a certain amount of money which came from his wife's pocket, Bejo was completely free from being himself a "ration beggar" in front of "The Wife" who was far more empowered than himself.

The example of the story above is an illustration of many problems that involve busy couples in all corners of the country, even across the globe. Infidelity, rape, and other sexual deviations are just the effect of "carrying out marriage commitments" that are built "busy couples" when deciding to build a household.

This must be a mirror for "busy women" to remain aware of their duties and responsibilities as wives. Refusal, especially in inappropriate ways and words, is not only a rejection of "biological desires" but also of the "authority" of a husband.

The economic or social emancipation and supremacy that is owned should still be placed in the religious corridor and eastern wisdom that salvages the "devotion and submission" of a woman to her husband. One thing that must be realized, the greatness of a wife is not only when she is able to achieve a position or achievement that equals even more than her husband but precisely lies in how she is able to "bow and devote".

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