Why are We Poor ?

A child asks his mother:
Mother, why are we poor?

Quietly the mother said:

Son, life is like walking in a supermarket. Everyone can choose and carry whatever items he wants.

Whoever carries a piece of bread, then he must pay the price of a piece of bread.
Who brings three pieces of bread, he must pay three pieces of bread.

While we can't bring anything. Because they don't have the money to buy it.
Even in the door of the cashier we will not be examined, just let it go.

And someday in the day of vengeance or doomsday.

When rich people are asked about
Where did their assets come from?
And where do they use their property?

We are allowed to continue to walk without burden.
It's better not!
Are you still unable to accept?

My child
If we are destined to be poor people.

Because after death, poverty will disappear.

Perhaps, if we are rich, we may not be more cautious.

Maybe also, with poverty we will more easily reach His Ridho.

Because rich and poor are not the size of a Noble and Noble man.

Stay prejudiced at GOD Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

About His Wishes Delicious Dividers.

Our worship charity is still stored there.

Waiting for us to receive it.

"Indeed, wealth is not because of the abundance of property, but because of the heart and peace of mind".

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