A professor

An atheist professor speaks in a physics class.
Professor Does God create everything that exists
Students right! He is the creator of everything.
Professor If God created everything, then God also created evil.
(All were silent and had difficulty answering the professor's hypothesis).
Suddenly a student's voice broke the silence.
Prof. student! I want to ask. Is there cold
Professor What kind of question is that? Of course the cold is there.
Prof. student! There is no cold. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is actually the absence of heat.

The temperature of -460 degrees Fahrenheit is no heat at all. All particles become silent. Cannot react at this temperature.
We create the word 'cold' to express the absence of heat.
Next! Is there darkness
Professor of course there is!
Your student is wrong, Prof! Neither is there darkness.
Darkness is a state where there is no light. We can learn light. Whereas darkness cannot.
We can use Newton's prism to break light into several colors and study the wavelength of each color.
But! You can't measure dark. How dark a room is is measured by how much light intensity in that room.
The word 'dark' is used by humans to describe the absence of light.
So! Is it a crime, disobedience exists
The professor began to falter but answered also of course there was.
Student Once again you are wrong Prof.! There is no crime. God does not create evil or immorality. Like cold and dark too.
Evil is a word used by humans to describe God's absence in him.
Evil is the result of the absence of God in the human heart.
The professor was stunned and silent!
Sin occurs because people forget to present God in their hearts.
Bring God to our hearts at all times, we will be saved ... That is FAITH.


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