Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Full Version

Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Full Crack is a software that you can use to turn your original ip into an anonymous ip when you surf the internet. So by using this one program you can easily access websites that are blocked by your provider very easily. In addition, all your personal data will not be stolen when you enter a malicious website, because you are using a premium anonymous ip.

This Avira Phantom VPN Pro Full Crack program will also secure all your internet access, so you no longer need to worry when surfing the internet. The absence of log activity also makes the Avira Phantom VPN Pro Full Crack application increasingly preferred by people today. Here we share the Pro version of this cool program, so there is no limit to the data usage that you do.

The simple interface also makes Avira Phantom VPN Pro Full Crack software very easy to use even for beginners. In addition to some of the features that we mentioned earlier, there are many other features that you can see below.

Features :
  •     Web anonymity - Changes your IP address
  •     Secure encryption - Protects your private communications
  •     Unblock content - Watch your favorite shows from anywhere
  •     Fast VPN - Runs silently in the background
  •     No logs - Avira does not monitor what websites you visit
  •     Easy to use - On. Off. On. Off. It’s that simple
  •     Simultaneous connections - Connect as many devices as you like
  •     Unlimited data usage - For premium customers
  •     Free Tech Support - For premium customers
  •     Automatically secures untrusted networks - For premium customers
  •     IP address masks - Connect from any of our servers in 20 countries

Full Feature Set :
  •     Anonymity on the net -Menyaet your IP-address
  •     Secure encryption - Protect your personal correspondence
  •     Access to blocked content - View your favorite shows from anywhere in the world
  •     Fast VPN network - quiet work in the background
  •     Lack of magazines - Avira does not track the websites you visit
  •     Easy to use - included. Switch off. Included. Switch off. Simply superb!
  •     Simultaneous Connections - Connecting any number of devices
  •     Unlimited data usage - for premium customers
  •     Automatic security on untrusted networks
  •     Masking the IP addresses - Connect with all servers located in 20 countries
The Pro version :
  •     Unlimited data
  •     Automatic protection in hazardous networks

What's New :
  •     Updated the OpenVPN version.
  •     Allow switching of the while connected region.
  •     Allow automatic connection by just clicking on a region.
  •     Implemented educational messages.
  •     Removed «Internal Error» from error messages.
  •     Implemented a Cancel button while connecting.

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 or Server 2008/2012 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Language: Multilingual

How to install :
  • Download and extract this "Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Full activation" file.
  • Extract files also activation in the folder.
  • Install the program as usual.
  • After the installation process is complete, don't first enter the program.
  • Open the activation folder, then copy past the "AviravpnPro 2.x" file in it to the "Avira Phantom Vpn Pro" program installation folder on your PC or laptop.
  • Run the file "AviravpnPro 2.x" to start this program.
  • Done
Note: If the data usage has been limited, please exit the Avira Phantom VPN program, then open the folder activation ~ data usage, and run the data usage file by right-clicking ~  run as administrator.

Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Full Version