Bass Booster PRO Music Sound v2.11.1 APK

Bass Booster PRO Music Sound v2.11.1 APK FULL VERSION – Bass Booster Pro will enhance your bass at a most extreme and give you a superior quality sound wherever you are! Simply turn on your music player and open Bass Booster Pro

The Pro form, you can alter your music listening knowledge much more gratitude to two audio effects:

• a virtualizer to give you a sound live show feeling in only one clic.

• and an equalizer to alter bass and trebles frequencies of all your main tunes.

Snap on the symbol, control and appreciate! So as to have an upgraded music listening knowledge, use earphones or outer speakers.

Analyzer surveys:
  • “I was incredulous at first, however when I hit on the speakers, I truly heard the distinction. This bass enhancer rocks!”
  • “Stunning, love it! I can underline either bass or treble sounds with the equalizer or simply utilize the bass lift slider to enhance bass volume effectively.”

Highlights: Bass Booster PRO Music Sound v2.11.1 APK
  • a Bass Booster: click on the speakers symbol to support your bass volume at a greatest and improve the nature of your sound
  • the Dooper Virtualizer: Dooper will change your sound giving it more profundity and reverberation and make you have an inclination that you’re at a show.
  • the Wave Equalizer: Play with your music frequencies because of this equalizer. Modify both bass and trebles as you like and appreciate an altered music listening knowledge.
  • An extremely straightforward and instinctive interface for ground-breaking sensations.
  • Media volume control
  • Widget accessible for the three impacts (bass lift, virtualizer and equalizer)
  • Can keep running in foundation

Bass Booster – Music Equalizer – Sound Volume Boost

Increasingly Bass, More Sensations


We are not in charge of whatever may happen to your telephone, your sound gadget or yourself! Try not to tune in at full solid volume or with bass lift for a really long time. This application can harm your gadgets or hearing. Use it admirably!

This product is given by the copyright holders and benefactors “as may be” and any express or suggested guarantees, including, yet not constrained to, the inferred guarantees of merchantability and qualification for a specific design are repudiated. In no occasion will the copyright proprietor or donors be obligated for any immediate, backhanded, accidental, uncommon, excellent, or weighty harms emerging in any capacity out of the utilization of this product, regardless of whether educated with respect to the likelihood of such harm.

Bass Booster PRO Music Sound v2.11.1 APK

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