Coffee and Sugar Philosophy

For connoisseurs who taste the right coffee is an achievement both when making or enjoying coffee.

When our COFFEE feels bitter, what is blamed is SUGAR! Lack of SUGAR makes bitter COFFEE.

If COFFEE is too sweet who is blamed? SUGAR again. Too much sugar makes coffee sweet.

But when coffee produces the right taste, who is praised? Definitely COFFEE. This COFFEE tastes right! SUGAR was forgotten.

Will SUGAR be remembered?
Yes, here!

When we experience pain because we consume lots of COFFEE, CAKE and others, GULA will be remembered. Diabetes!

SUGAR sacrifice was never remembered, the good thing GULA gave was never considered.
But when GULA brings disease, all blame GULA.

We also experience this in life.
A thousand good things we do are sometimes not remembered by others, but one of our mistakes will be remembered and used as material to criticize.

Sometimes we are used to a success that is enjoyed by others, successfully not praised, failed to be reviled.

But life is a great opportunity like SUGAR. Good and bad are always sought and needed by others.

Don't ever complain, do something meaningful to many people.
Because a success is not the way we use other people, but how we benefit others.

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