Farming Almost Like Gambling

For some people in the city who happen to live less well maybe, think that life in the village is better. There is land that can be used to grow crops, if you just eat everything, is that really true?

Job agriculture and animal husbandry are so dominant in the countryside. Foodstuffs and livestock products such as cattle, goats and chickens are the main commodities in the village area. Not so many people know exactly how farmers and breeders far away in the villages produce what people in the city enjoy today. "We all produce blood", that sentence came out of one of the residents who worked as farmers everyday.

He and several other residents stated that working as a farmer and rancher today was almost like gambling. "If we don't gamble, what else should we do, we have debt here and there as capital, and all of that does not necessarily get results, instead our capital collapses," said one resident. They term gambling because currently there are so many challenges that must be faced by farmers and the percentage of crop failures is so great. Starting from pest attacks, the lack of fertilizer stock until the ups and downs of livestock and agricultural products are never predicted.

Whether by chance or indeed this condition applies in many agricultural villages. Repeatedly residents in the village rely on almost all of their opinions on agriculture or livestock to experience crop failures. "Planting corn is damaged, planting rice is eaten by mice, just a lot of prayer, many ducks will lose and die", said the residents. However, according to him, as a villager, he is currently not too much hope, for him, while in the kitchen there is still rice that is safe.

Farmers also state that the current land conditions are very different from the old days. "In the past, the land was not very fussy rich now, and the disease was easy to overcome, now it is getting more and more strange," said the resident. The statement of several village people who did not graduate from school was legitimized by several agricultural academic studies. Some literature states that basically when agricultural land often uses fertilizers and chemical drugs, the soil elements will be increasingly damaged, and the pest will eventually evolve so that in the future these pests will be immune to the drug.

One fertilizer trader believes that government policy in the distribution of subsidized fertilizers through farmer groups and cooperatives is basically good concept. "But what happens in the field is the opposite, at this time it is not uncommon for farmers to seek fertilizer because the distribution process is often late," he said. He also explained that often the village distributors asked for advances to farmers who wanted fertilizer.

Various problems regarding the distribution of fertilizers are indeed experienced by each region. The ministry's expert staff explained several issues such as the definitive plan of group needs in a number of farmer groups that were not in accordance with the land they were cultivating. In addition, subsidized fertilizer prices that compete with non-subsidized fertilizers sometimes cause subsidized fertilizer to be received by people who have no rights. As a result, farmers who were supposed to get subsidized fertilizer also experienced a shortage of fertilizer rations.

Farmers really hope for a new breakthrough that emerges from the study of academics to overcome problems in agriculture, especially the problem of pest attacks.

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