Forgot to be Happy

Various series of activities, regulations, expectations, expectations, which consciously or not, we impose on the shoulders of our children every day.

Starting from waking up, praying, breakfast and or preparing breakfast, tidying up the bed, drying towels, until school is not too late.

When they go home, a stack of activities, rules that they have to go through, and go through before finally getting to bedtime, which is very difficult for them to delay even 10 minutes!

Of course everything is grounded, there is a purpose, there is hope in its application. Among other things is to educate children independently, responsible, disciplined, empathetic, strong, etc.

But, in the tumult of the world that goes too far, we like to forget ... forget to teach them to smile, forget to teach them to be happy, give thanks beautifully (not force,, eat you must be grateful '). Sometimes we forget, teach 'count your blessing' or calculate Allah's blessings upon them at the end of the day, before closing their eyes.

So, when they finally entered the dreamland, the last thing he said and remembered was, not the difficulty of the day, the obstacles that were overcome, sadness, but how much grace Allah Ta'ala had poured on them that day.

Starting from opening the eyes (sustaining another day's life, God willing), healthy (there are no limbs that are sick when moved), complete limbs. Live in roofed houses, warm food, loving people, transport to school. Good school, nice friends, etc.

This, even if it's good, we as parents also practice it before going to bed. So, at the end of the day, we can evaluate ourselves, be grateful, before entering the stage of 'die kecil', which many people are not given sustenance to wake up again.

If we routinely work on or even just start this thing, we can be sure that the smile will be revealed from the lips to the heart, for the many blessings that today Allah Ta'ala Beri, jauuuuuuh from at least the difficulties that sometimes seem immense.

There are studies that say, what is remembered before going to sleep, will be strong memory in the brain.

In children's daily activities and routines, we sometimes forget to take a smile and laugh. Teach them to like to do their routines. Follow hands in helping small things while chatting lightly.

We like to forget to join in giggling between the brother and sister, who laughs at the trivial things in our opinion. Sometimes they are very amused only at the usual things. Actually, if we come to find out, what is it, maybe we can laugh together. Maybe it's not the same thing, but it's as simple as that, it can make them amused to laugh.

Just looking inside, I invite all of us to ask ourselves how many times have I smiled or laughed today? ',' How many times an average in a day? '. Surely we will be a little surprised that the nominal small will be the answer to this question.

Let's not forget to be happy, let's increase your smile and laughter. Just practice enjoying and relaxing ... why is it really so high tension? Isn't everything under control? A little less here and there, yeah.

Many need to be grateful, even in a state of extreme deprivation, especially those who are well-off.

Pause. Look at your family, your house, apart from being dirty, messy, and a pile of work in your head.

Isn't everything alright? Healthy child? Faithful couple? Has shelter, vehicles, food for today. Although sometimes a little back or leg pain, overall can you still move to run the day?


Allah Ta'ala promised to give the best for us. It could be worse than this, but this is the best Allah Allah Ta'ala Beri.
Mari don't strain just her innate, fierce it's tiring. Let's learn happily.
Happy is in this self, we make it ourselves.

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