Global Majapahit Statue

The stone sculptor community in Trowulan has long penetrated the world market, but its presence has received little attention from the government. The creativity possessed by sculptor is a talent inherited by the ancestors of the Indonesian people.

This is related to the existence of sculptor in Trowulan who can still survive the fluctuations in the global economy. In the monetary crisis in 1998, when many business places in Indonesia went bankrupt, the statue sculptor Mojokerto was busy serving both local and international sculpture purchases.

One of the stone sculptors in Mojokerto is Ribut Sumiyono. Together with eight of his men carving stone statues with the business name "Selo Adji" in Watesumpak Village, Trowulan District, Mojokerto Regency. Ribut's activities along with his eight workers sculpting andesite stones at home which at the same time served as a place of business, showed the creativity of individuals who were able to meet economic needs. The talent of stone carving was not also revealed from his parents, he studied with two neighbors who had long since died. Small crowds during elementary school every time I go home from school often visit the late Pak Harun and the late Mr. Wagiran. In order to gain a lot of experience from the two people, Ribut was willing to be told to do anything to help the process of carving stone statues. Ribut began opening his own business with the "Selo Adji" flag in 1986, and was busy getting orders in the 1990s. When Indonesia was experiencing a monetary crisis, the order for stone statues peaked.

Which is relied on only foresight and artistic talent that flows within each individual. Community groups that do not give up on the deterioration of the country's economic conditions, on the contrary, try to help sustain the country's economic strength. With the courage to offer local art products in free market competition. Although it comes from a country identified by the world as a developing country, it is not at all determined to continue to compete.

They live in a city that stands above the city. Trowulan, is a person who perseveres in maintaining the skills inherited from ancestors to survive. Not in any place, the closeness to the Majapahit homeland gives air to its own art for the stone sculptor community. Raw materials are not imported from the Mojokerto region itself, but from Mount Kelud, Kediri. Even so, there was no intention to move the work location to the location of the source of raw materials. Because this art is the absolute heritage of Majapahit with the capital in the land of Trowulan, Mojokerto.

Their presence provides Indonesian public awareness that local potential can be relied upon to sustain economic needs. To be a human who survives in the era of globalization does not have to be an employee of a prestigious company or an institution. Having individual creativity is actually a proof of one's existence. They are people who not only survive in the midst of business offers to tempt the global market, but also continue to preserve Indonesia's cultural wealth.

Their sculpture creations are taken into account by the International market capable of supporting the business of art. Community that is able to survive in any economic conditions. Their presence became an icon of Indonesia's creative industry, especially Mojokerto Regency.

The creative stone sculpture industry in Trowulan is an industry that has existed since the time of Majapahit. At that time, this skill as an inscription and an effort to meet the needs of furniture. But now, even though in the midst of the proliferation of goods that are mass-produced, stone statues persist.

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