How to Stop Snoring or Snoring Naturally Without Medication

Because the name is Natural, so the results aren't always instant, bro. But at least there are no side effects than using drugs. Need patience for sure.

I personally snore or snore. My snoring is quite severe because I have been very disturbing to people around me, so I tried this method.

Snoring or snoring is the sound caused during sleep because of the vibrating tissue in the upper airways.

The cause of snoring or snoring itself is not always associated with fatigue or allergies. Usually snoring is caused by a blocked airway. And usually the inhibitor is phlegm.

Sputum problems can be overcome in a simple way, namely drinking juice! Yes, drink juice to help reduce snoring.

The ingredients are easy to find, like the following:

    2 Apples
    2 Carrots
    1/4 Lemon
    1 segment of fresh ginger

Blend all ingredients to make 1 glass of juice, drink 1 or 2 hours before you sleep.

Apples & carrots themselves function to improve the quality of sleep, lemon water contains Vitamin C which is good at thinning & cleansing phlegm, while ginger prevents respiratory tract infections.

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