I am Not a Rebel

Behind the rusty iron bars it seems clear to me a woman in front of me who is weak like me now, and has no power to reject the bitter truth in a prodeo hotel. Concentration, darkness, silence and violence are my true friends in navigating life. Either I am also confused, what people want to look for besides wealth and power. Both of them really dominate this universe. Instantly there was a flash in my brain that was starting to get dirty with crazy questions. "Maybe God will also be able to be sealed soon ..."

"Ah ... do you care about them ... None of them want to see me here. Let alone look, just glancing at me is disgusted ... "

The sight of my eyes began to be dragged towards the small stain of my body ... It was faintly the old sun that looked tired hanging above the western horizon, and as if he wanted to immediately sink his body. behind darkness.

What was wrong with me so that I could arrive in a space that had been considered the most despicable place in the world ... Instantly my breath stopped and my eyes widened ... My brain began to grope back the incident that led me to this insulting place ... Eight full moon I passed my life with silence and injustice ... I once asked "Who am I really? What do I live for, if my life is always ridden by others? "

This is the second time my life has melted with iron bars. I'm not a rebel ... That word always decorates my brain all day long.

Eight months ago.

I am a victim of violence from my employer. So now I'm languishing here again. What did I do wrong? When the sun gave its rays to the moon in mid-June 2006 I scavenged money by clearing my employer's crystal equipment which he said was a painter.

That night the party was over, the whole room was messy and like a ship broke. Liquor bottles and packs of ecstasy still scattered on the table. One by one I began to clear the crystal furniture which a week ago was brought by my employer from Italy, a souvenir exhibition from the country pizza. My employer was named Beni, a very cool 30-year-old single man. I almost never communicated with him or else he invited me to speak.

"Ana ... as soon as you fix my favorite crystal furniture ... Beware, don't get scratched especially if it's broken!" He is screaming.

"Good sir, I will take care of it," I replied in a low and low voice, I began to fear he began to lose consciousness because Jack Daniel's who was gulped at the door of his room.
For him, drink is his true friend and lover, to look for the inspiration of a painting that he says he is a painter of the flow of naturalism.

In such circumstances, not infrequently his hands landed on my face. But it's hard, no more than a week has passed his hand. Frightened of getting an easy gift again, I carefully cleaned the furniture.

Kriiiing ... ..ring …… kring ……
Damn ... I was blown away in shock when I heard a phone call at the corner table ...
Alamak ... It's already my fate today ...

Praaaaaaaang ...
I dropped the crystal glass. Beni shouted while running without asking what had fallen. As if he already knew what I had dropped.

"Aaaaannnaaaaa ... Damn ... Dog ... You don't know how to do it ..." the curse began to greet me, a minute later his hand would greet my face.

"Sorry sir, I didn't intentionally, mercy sir, sorry sir," I said, although it was impossible he didn't slap me.

Apparently what did I get? The blow of his hand resembling an iron ball landed on my stomach. He pulled my shirt and tore it in the chest area. Cigarettes began to be swung like a brush and my body was a canvas ..

My shout was ignored ...

He grew furious throwing my body towards the table so it broke the silence of the night. I tried to run away by running towards the back door. He caught up with me with three steps longer than mine. I dragged him, unconsciously before my eyes there was a clear knife that would be directed at my stomach. Because I was very scared, as hard as I could, I threw down his body that resembled the bodybuilder. However, what happened to God, the knife pierced my master's stomach.

"God ... help me ... I'm innocent ... I just want to save my life. My mother is still eaten by brain cancer at home ... I still want to live and look after my hero ... "

Apparently, God did not hear my prayer. Beni screamed and as he stumbled he felt his pants pocket and took out his cellphone.

"The police ... my maid wants to try to kill me. Please come to Iron Street No. 13 hurry sir before he runs away, "Beni reported hurriedly.

I started packing, because I didn't want to be imprisoned. I didn't make a mistake. However, it seemed that I was unlucky, the police had surrounded the house. I was arrested, I deliberately did not fight. Because like before, they certainly won't listen to me. Because I'm just a lackeys, barons, babu. Beni still had time to shout at me with the words, "You are a rebel, brash, don't know thank you how dare you stab me."

The law is also unmoved and blind. I am a victim of legal injustice. "Where is justice, just because I'm poor, I'm a woman, I'm marginal, I defend myself I'm said to be a rebel and don't get justice," I murmured as the judge swung his hammer and sentenced me to two years in prison on charges of attempted murder.

I also held the title of rebel a few years ago.
I am a laborer in a convection company. The company employs around 1200 female employees. And they are blue collar workers 1. I've been devoted to this company for more than 10 years. For some reason the last three years the company began playing with its employees.

Staff in the office also began to be dismissed one by one for reasons of efficiency, around 200 factory workers were also dismissed for unclear reasons.

One morning, when I started swinging the sewing machine dynamo pedal. I saw that scene again. The view for me is inhumane. One of my close friends got a blow from the foreman just because of a trivial mistake. The foreman was named Kastani, whose attitude was like an executioner shootout.

"But, sir, I just put my pocket wrong, later it can also be repaired," Ratmi tried to explain.

"This is what makes the company lose, if there are only 10 workers like you, this factory can collapse, understand you?!?" Snapped Kastani.

Ratmi can only say yes and apologize. In one week there were around 12 workers who were treated rudely and experienced physical violence from the foreman.
My heart began to flare up, I could not accept it, because we are humans who also have the right to get comfort in work.

"Sir, you can't do it yourself. Play at left. I know we haven't been paid for two weeks either? "I spontaneously stood up and denied Kastani.

"It's your fault. You talk a lot, "he snapped, jutting me so that my body entered under Santi's sewing machine.

Everyone started to get scared and Santi helped me. Our rights have been trampled, our freedom has been restrained, and I hear that 850 workers will be fired again. "Santi whispered into my ear. I began to think, indeed Santi's statement. We humans are not puppets. In the past three months we have been forced to work overtime without pay. I accidentally shouted so that I echoed up to the corners of the workspace, which was nearly two times the size of the soccer field.

"We've been lied to ...... We have been tricked ... "

Apparently, my shout made everyone stunned and the foreman Kastani came to me to drag me to the company leader.

"I am upset, sir, because our rights are always ignored by the company. And the comfort of our work is always restrained. Not to mention the accident of our friend Siti and Rahma whose fingers broke off yesterday because of the insecure cutter, "I said to Pak Erik.

Apparently Mr. Erik, instead blamed me. He threatened me to shut up and not fight in front of other workers.

"Shut up ... You know what about justice, you are just a poor laborer, receive money right, right. If you are still trying to compile the other, your life is at stake. Understood?!? "He threatened while striking the table.
I left the room with certain steps. I am increasingly convinced that we must demand our rights ...

Three days later,

Santi and I managed to mobilize friends to demonstrate to regain our rights. Friends agreed to raise signatures as proof of our concern for the problems in our work environment.

But what happened? The company actually brought in 10 police platoons to fight 1,000 demonstrators. The action almost clashed. Whatever the cause, the police suddenly sprayed tear gas. The workers began to furious and did anarchism by throwing police at the police. The situation was troubled, Santi and I were the coordinators of this demonstration. And what was first secured by the authorities was me. It turned out that Mr. Erik accused me of inciting friends.

I was arrested and came to court as a suspect. The accusation that struck me was the brain of the provocateurs. The legal assistance provided by SPSI cannot hold Pak Erik's bribe to the Judge. With evidence that has not been proven.

I'm really not a rebel ... I'm just a victim of violence by capital rulers. For me, money is the power of everything. Hukumpun is bought with goods often called ojir 2. What I want me to say is I will never be deterred from saying no to injustice.

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