Let Me Be Your Girlfriend

A wife found her husband's intimate Chatt on her husband's cellphone who was left at home.
Read each Chatt with feelings that can't be explained like what and cry in silence while continuing to read.
Then he took a shower and spent a day in a row because he wanted to surprise his husband ...

Ignoring the call from her husband who called her many times to her cellphone, nor answered Chatt, her husband borrowed his friend's cellphone to send her husband's cellphone by taxi to his office.

Night arrived ...
The husband returned home and was shocked to see the messy condition of the house but saw his beautiful wife with the sexy dress she wore.
Confused, Husband asked
What is wrong with you ?
And answered with a spoiled voice. His wife "I want to be your girlfriend for only a month".
Her husband is getting nervous and looking for a cellphone that missed this morning.
HP found it was already low and it was time for dinner. Come on ma, do we eat?
But his wife smiles and invites dinner outside ...

Because he was hungry, he immediately agreed to his wife's invitation. His wife asked for dinner at the most expensive and delicious restaurant where usually the wife prefers a cheaper place to save more.

After that, they went home, but again, the husband was made to ask what his wife had done because starting tonight they separated the room, his wife repeated his desire to be his girlfriend for a month and because their boyfriend had to sleep separately.

The day changed did not seem to be a week. The house was getting dirty not cleaned, no breakfast was prepared for him even for the coffee he made himself.

But his wife's attention through chatting asked him whether he had lunch or not and invited a date to watch the latest movie with an appointment at the cinema where her husband also watched with his affair.
When he met his wife appeared very beautiful because he ran out and perfume the same perfume that was used by her husband's affair.

Her husband became more and more aware of the differences in his wife's attitude and asked you why?
"I just want to be your girlfriend with a smile".

In the second week, her husband had felt uncomfortable with his wife's change and invited his wife to talk because the house was getting dirty and their children were soon to vacation in her grandmother's house.
Many dirty laundry clothes are even half-clothed.
There is no more aroma of cooking every morning or evening after his work prepared by his wife.
He expressed his objection to the attitude of his wife who preferred to stay in the past 2 weeks and why every time he was asked for his change of attitude his wife only answered "just think of me as your girlfriend".

Relaxing his wife explained that a boyfriend does not prepare breakfast as well as dinner, so there is no kitchen smell when you leave and go home from work.
Do not want to wash, do not want to iron and do not want to clean your wardrobe and your children especially thinking about saving your money.
Can look beautiful and fragrant, because boyfriend is different from wife.

Suppose I'm just your girlfriend, not your wife, like the girl who chatted with you, who you say is more attentive than me, more interesting and always fragrant when you meet and you value better even though he only does a little things for you compared to what I do for you and your life .
Use your logic in living life.
If you want me like your girlfriend, I provide 2 domestic workers to help me.

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