Me and my wife

Tring, incoming notification WA. My wife. Must be opened soon, here.
"I'm tired. Today isn't cooking, huh. "

"Ok. If you're tired, just rest, baby. The issue of eating can be delivery orders to subscription stalls. '' Do not forget to use emoticons hearts and sun far away. Because if this had been the sign of his mood again collapsing to the lowest point.

"The money was changed, right?" Don't use mama's spending money. DO is more expensive than cooking yourself. "

"Ok." This time it's short. A stack of UTS corrections for students is waiting in the right corner of the work desk. A few minutes later the guidance schedule began. So this chat must end immediately.

'' Not many, not ironing too. How come if you go home later the house is still a mess. Very bad brother and sister today. Ade is also whiny for mercy. "Ends emoticons until lined up.

If this is the address, I can't quickly end the chat. My eyes glanced at the desk calendar in the left corner, while remembering the schedule for the month.

"Yes, yeah, daddy never protested, you know." This time the emoticon shined one eye.

Although the work is stacked, as a husband is obliged to keep the mood of his wife who is down far away at home there. In my head the current situation and condition of the house are imagined.

Randomly from Sabang to Merauke, children are running around. His always impassioned brother and his crybaby sister must be enough to drain my beloved wife's emotions, which can sometimes be more lively, rustling, pitying and making resentful at the same time. But my love for him never diminished.

Moreover, if he imagined now he was locking himself up in his room, trying to ignore everything that seemed and heard, trying to get attention from me, her husband who was also tired and tired of work, but had to remain calm facing his spoiled attitude and childlike likes.

Unfortunately, sometimes his attitude comes in busy times like this. But never mind, that's where the uniqueness of the woman lies from her partner's crooked ribs.

'' It's just irresistible to ask people, huh. '' Connect again.
"Ok. Anything that can make you happy, you can do it. If you want to tell people now to use mama's money first, then daddy will change. Already used to, dear, no more work. '' A row of remote sun emoticons was sent full in line.

"That's so. Who is the same again? "
Start making emotions go up, here. So as not to catch it, immediately istigfar. One more female character, she can be very jealous. No matter how loyal we are. For him the presence of other women is the biggest threat that far exceeds the threat of the country's fire in the country of Avatar.

I immediately sent a selfie in the study while giving a caption, "Papa is alone here, baby. Do not worry. Even though there are some who are in the most assistant management. Just relax here is CCTV.

If you don't believe you can ask for the recording. But more importantly there are those who make daddy more scared than CCTV in this room. The Seeing in His Throne. Daddy is really like me. "And even as many romantic emotion lines are possible.

"Ok, daddy, honey. Good work, yes. '' The reply emoticons are not as many and lively as I sent just now.
Have it. My hand immediately reached out to the stack of paper at the corner of the table. But the knock on the door undermined my intention. Apparently the time for guidance has begun.

At five o'clock in the afternoon Re-enter WA notification from my wife. Another student's responsibility. I ignored it for a moment.
5.30 when you open WA.
''What time are you coming home?''
'' How come I don't pay attention. Still busy, huh? "
''Yes, dear. Sorry, it's just done right now. Come home soon. I want to make some preparations to go home first. ''

Balesan just means the mood is good again. I also prepare to go home. On the way past our subscription bailer. I thought about making a sulk this afternoon. I bought what he usually ordered. Buy everything for children too. I don't need to buy it for me. Later, too, if you have kids, you won't run out.

Arrived at home. The children scrambled to open the gate when they heard the roar of the engine and the horn I was ringing.
My wife welcomed at the door. A sweet smile appeared on her thin lips.

''Assalamualaikum. Looks like someone is happy again. "I teased her with a smile and blinked one eye.

"Waalaikumsalaam." He answered along with the children.
The kids scramble back to kiss my hand. Followed my wife also did the same thing. The children began to report a lot of things that they passed all day while exploring my steps to enter the house.

"Ok. Now you toy there first. Papa wants to change clothes, prayer continues to eat. Who hasn't prayed? "

"Sahaa." They answered compactly as they returned to the TV room. The playground is not official in this house.

My wife looked at them while shaking her head. I immediately handed a plastic bag filled with meatballs to him. He peered for a moment and quickly guessed the contents after the smell smelled.

'' Wow, daddy is the most

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