Music Like Energy Therapy

The music is very fresh to hear, very suitable if played in the morning to accompany our activities. Moreover, plus a cup of companion coffee, it feels amazing. The number of unfinished jobs is not a problem to consider. All work seems to be more fun if accompanied by a song called the Jazz Equator genre.

Some opinions assume that music is the strains of the soul, which can affect the soul of everyone who hears it. Often someone who is sad will momentarily forget his sadness by listening to rock songs. There is also someone whose mood is sad, but rather wants to enjoy his sadness more by listening to melancholy songs.

Music seems to have the energy to build the atmosphere and affect one's mood. Although music is something abstract, but it has a soul that is able to provide energy to every listener. Consisting of sounds originating from all ingredients in the world, regularly forming a harmonious set of sounds. However, until now no opinion or literature has been found that certainly answers when music begins. What is clear is that music has been known by the great philosophers before, one of whom is Aristotle who argues that music has the ability to reconcile broken hearts, have reactive therapy and foster a spirit of patriotism. Maybe that is one reason why a country has a national anthem, which is expected to foster a love for the homeland for every citizen.

We may feel the atmosphere when we sing country songs with hundreds or even thousands of people every time a flag ceremony is held at school, or an independence ceremony every August 17. The song was lifted, the meaning of the poem was very deep, and the rhythm of the drum band accompaniment that was so jarring made creep creep. At that time it felt like we were being brought back to an age where bloody heroes defended the homeland from invaders, and music brought our imagination as if the struggle lay before our eyes, like a film. At that moment our patriot soul suddenly appeared and thickened instantly.

The description of the atmosphere above is indeed the imagination of the author while singing the national anthem and seems to be dramatized. Of course everyone's imagination will be different from each other. But despite all that, the song Indonesia Raya and its music have succeeded in injecting a new spirit of nationalism with every Indonesian who sings it. Poetry arouses us to always love the land of pana. The tone of voice describes firmness. His roaring music shows the authority of the people of Indonesia.

How big is the influence of music in building the atmosphere and influencing the soul, meaning that music is not only limited to human creativity that functions as mere entertainment. Maybe this world will feel bland without music. It's like a horror movie without a terrible soundtrack to music, or a love film without a romantic musical soundtrack. Or maybe it's like a soccer match without support.

"Without life, music is just chaos." The philosopher also said that music is enlightenment. Nobody ever said music was bad. Contemporary communication experts even believe that music is a communication medium that is second to none at the moment.

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