Save the Earth from Trash

The scenery in every inch of the city which is always decorated with garbage, seems to attract the attention of Sabillilah Islamic elementary school students. Utilizing the moment of its 14th anniversary, this educational institution conducts a walk that is followed by all students. Carrying the theme "Save the Earth from Trash", the participants on the trail adorned themselves with plastic clothes (crackle bags).

The activity is quite unique, besides wearing clothes made from tight bags, road participants also carry writings containing invitations to save the environment from garbage. A female student wearing a vest and skirt from a black crackle bag carries the words "Global Warming" and loves our Earth.

The message of the importance of always being wise to the environment is not only conveyed through the media in the form of writing. The Sabillilah Foundation Elementary School also conveyed a message to always protect the environment through treaty. An example of the actions of a teacher wearing plastic clothes plus using a mask as a sign of how contaminated our environment is and how heavy the air pollution we breathe.

Assisted by the theater teacher students make miniature earths filled with plastic inorganic waste and plastic humans. Presumably worries about environmental conditions are getting worse because human activities expressed by Sabilillah Islamic Elementary School students must be able to remind us to be able to keep the earth we live in from damage, especially in the environment around our homes.