Thankful for the Enjoyment of Life

Silence of heart and clarity of mind will be reflected in a person when his days are full of gratitude, so that it can lead him to the light of happiness. We will often see a round yellow graphic that feels like it's smiling.

Yes, the graphic was made in 1963 by Harvey Ball, a graphic designer from Worcester-America. The goal is very simple, namely to entertain employees of insurance companies throughout America who are daily covered by numbers and statistics.

And as it turned out, the idea of ​​Ball making the smiley icon gradually changed the insurance employees to always be happy. Not only insurance employees, but also the majority of Americans. Until finally, people identify the symbol with "American Happiness."

From the above events we can draw the conclusion that indeed in many parts of the world there are many people who find it difficult to get happiness. And it turns out that thousands of years ago, humans have indeed sought happiness even to the highest mountain peaks in the world.

One of them is a scholar who lives in Yogyakarta, he is willing to go home late at night because he claims he wants to live happily. And there is also a guard leaving, leaving himself for months on an empty island to achieve a situation called "happy life." Also with office mice that spend millions and even trillions of rupiah in people's money, they also claim want to live happily.

But this method is not right, even some of it is very wrong. In fact, achieving happiness depends on how we view the life we ​​are living. If we feel that we are never satisfied with everything that we have achieved or possessed, we will continue to sink into unhappiness. This is where we have to put gratitude as one of the pillars of building happiness.

Actually, if we want to build happiness, it doesn't have to be expensive, especially if we have to take the rights of others. It also does not require excessive energy. A small example is that every waking up we are able to smile, and it is the easiest form of gratitude for everyone. And that has shown that happiness is simple.

Because when we wake up full of joy and happiness, the universe automatically participates in helping our conscience achieve the happiness we hope for.

Then why to this day are so many people frantically looking for happiness, to almost forget everything? That is because they overly complicate happiness itself with a very complex definition. As a result they have never met the happiness and inner peace they want.

If someone focuses on happiness, he will find that happiness is in itself. Actually, he is the one who becomes the ruler who determines what happiness is needed for his life. In other words, happiness is a very relative interpretation, but can be translated in a simple form.

I once visited a village in the Garut area of ​​West Java. I hear and see for myself the lives of citizens who are very happy even though they can be said to be classified as minimal in economic terms; there are no luxury cars or motorcycles at a price of tens of millions. Even the houses are only made of wood and bamboo.

But what I can catch from their attitudes and expressions is that they always smile friendly to anyone they meet. Courteous words and greetings so familiar were heard in my ears while there.

Although there is no visible luxury vehicle milling around like in big cities, but the level of welfare is very visible in their faces and lives. Until I assume that they never give an opportunity to complain to stop in their lives. From all of that I learned a lot about "The Meaning of Happiness."

In conclusion, to be able to meet the happiness, there are a number of steps we must take. First, we must really know what causes us to be happy. We must explain what happiness is right for us. Second, we must be sure that the happiness we want can be realized in a very simple way. Third, we must be grateful to express something that we have so that happiness is always there and will increase.

"Indeed, happiness is not found in the objects that we have or even in the places we visit, but are within ourselves"

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