The Role of Families in Improving Education

The family is an institution that is very helpful in the framework of conducting socialization, even internalization, educational values. Although the number of formal education institutions from the basic level to the highest level is getting more and more days, the role of the family in the transformation of educational values ??remains irreplaceable.

For this reason, the role of the family in this case is not light at all. It can even be said that without a family, the values ??of knowledge obtained on a formal table bench would have no meaning at all. At first glance, it does seem that the role of the family does not have much meaning, but if pondered more deeply, it is really hard for the role of the family.

The problem experienced by 'street children' to get an education is one of them is minus, even absent, the role of this family. Even if they finally go to school, they only get formal knowledge. While affection, courtesy, morality, love and various other affective values ??are difficult for them to get. They feel that there is no good place to take refuge and express their full and free feelings.

Generally they do not have a family that carries out this role. Even if they have a family, there is no conducive situation for sharing feelings between members in a family. This is one of the difficulties faced by non-governmental organizations that try to empower 'street children'. Maybe the difficult problem is how he got formal education, it's not as difficult as how he gets true affection.

From that explanation, we can understand how the important role of the family in carrying out educational missions cannot be ignored. In the family, the fabric of love and love is reflected in which emotional, blood and kinship ties dominate. Thus, the family is a blueprint of what a child will become. Some people unconsciously say that the actual role of the family is secondary, aka just a supplement. Because they have gained formal knowledge in the school bench. This logic is not only ethically wrong, but it also deserves to be questioned about its moral views on the family. Logically, the family is actually the first and main educational institution, then it is only equipped with the values ??of knowledge obtained from the school bench.

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