The True Story of Two Brothers

There are two younger siblings who have very conflicting behavior. His sister often wandered in the middle of the night, entered a discotheque, drank liquor, free sex, and fought her parents.

On the contrary, the younger brother is known to the public as a pious child, mosque expert, and prefers to read the Koran.

Until one day, in the same second, the trajectory of thought from both of them was implied. The older brother who had been wallowing in immorality, curious to just try to repent last night, came to the mosque to pray and read the Koran like his pious younger brother. There was a feeling of shame in his heart, but he forced that night to go to the mosque where the younger brother often spent his nights.

On the contrary, the younger brother who has always been in goodness rustled his whisper in his heart, "During this time I have always done good, if once I try to enter a discotheque and enjoy the beauty of the world, I am sure God forgives and no one knows." Finally, with a slightly made-up face and clothes, he came that night to a discotheque with a little awkwardness.

That night at exactly 10:00 p.m., the Sister, took ablution water, entered the mosque and then tried to pray that she had rarely done. Somehow his heart was so calm, slowly his eyes wet, he was surprised. During this time he sought calm and happiness by consuming illegal drugs and free sex, but instead prayed that made him feel he found the happiness he had been looking for all this time. Night became a witness to his repentance.

While in other places, the younger brother at exactly 10:00 p.m. has started to get drunk, and next to him is a sexy woman who is making out with him.

At exactly 24.00,
without being suspected of an earthquake which knocked down many buildings in the area. There is no exception for the sister's discotheque and mosque. The next day, how surprised the local residents were because a discotheque was found by a young man who was killed along with the woman he hugged. Surprisingly, it turns out that the dead were a young man known to be pious. Instead, more surprised again, when in the ruins of the mosque found a young man in a prostrate position died hit by the ruins of the mosque. Which is none other than his brother who had been known as a young man who was wallowing in sin.

No one knows when, where and what we will be deprived of?

Our job is to make sure every second we go through
In order to obey and seek the pleasure of Allah

Be careful with the subtle whisperings of the shaitan
Inviting us to pawn the guidance even for a moment
For the sake of mortal pleasure in this world
  • A mosque activist who tries to date,
  • There is no guarantee that he can successfully pass adultery.
  • A Muslim woman from a boarding school tries to dress sexy
  • There is no guarantee that he will get a prayer again
  • Because the most expensive thing in life is guidance
  • So, never, never turn away from the guidance of God
Everything might happen,
Don't speculate that you can repent later
Right now, before it's too late to repent
Or remain istiqomah with obedience
Because once again, death is a mystery.

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