Vivaldi Browser 2.6 Build 1566.40

Vivaldi Browser 2.6 Build 1566.40 is the latest version of Vivaldi Browser which has become one of the favorite browsers for most people today. For the sake of fame, this vivaldi is still less competitive with 2 famous browsers, namely Firefox and Google Chrome. But it's a good idea to try using Vivaldi the latest browser that admin shared this because it has so many advantages over Firefox and Google Chrome. In terms of appearance, the latest Vivaldi Browser has a very beautiful interface that is pleasing to the eye.

Vivaldi This latest browser also has a very diverse setting for you advanced users to adjust to your individual needs. Performance of Vivaldi This latest browser is also claimed to be far better than its competitors. Then the quick command also makes it easier for you to do something when surfing with this vivaldi browser. In addition, in terms of extensions, you also need not hesitate, because all the extensions in Google Chrome are fully compatible with Vivaldi's Latest Browser. So what are you waiting for, soon you download and install Vivaldi This Latest Browser right now.

All Features :

    Management tab
  •         Tab Stacks
  •         Tiling Tab
  •         Window Panel
  •         Session Management
  •         Trash Can
  •         Cycling Tab
  •         Preview tab
  •         Hibernation tab
  •         Lazy Loading
  •         Muting tab
  •         Stack Renaming tab
  •         Multi-Tab Selection
  •         Pinned Tabs

  •         Bookmark Manager
  •         Bookmark Nicknames
  •         Speed ​​Dials
  •         Fast Forward / Rewind
  •         Custom Search Engine
  •         Start Page
  •         Search Engine Nicknames
  •         Search Field
  •         Spatial Navigation

    User Interface
  •         Themes
  •         Theme Scheduler
  •         Zoom User Interface
  •         Web Page Zoom
  •         Adaptive Interface Color
  •         One-click Color Change
  •         Web Panels
  •         Reader View
  •         Page Actions
  •         Toolbar Position
  •         Full-Screen Mode
  •         Vertical Reader Mode
  •         Visibility Toggle Extensions
  •         Bookmarks Bar
  •         Sync (Coming soon)
  •         Notes
  •         Screenshot Capture
  •         Developer Tools
  •         Image Properties
  •         Philips Hue Integration
  •         History
  •         Downloads

    Mouse & Keyboard
  •         Keyboard Shortcuts
  •         Mouse Gestures
  •         Quick Commands
  •         Rocker Gestures
  •         Adjustable Mouse Gesture Sensitivity
  •         Single Key Shortcuts

    Privacy & Security
  •         Private Window
  •         Private Search
  •         Encrypted Sync
  •         WebRTC IP Privacy Settings
  •         Cookie Manager

  •         Background Image Window
  •         Extensions
  •         Start Page Background
  •         Speed ​​Dial Thumbnails
  •         Image / Animation Loading Controls
  •         Movable Extension Buttons

Vivaldi Browser 2.6 Build 1566.40 - 32 Bit

Vivaldi Browser 2.6 Build 1566.40 - 64 Bit