VLC for Android 3.1.7 APK

VLC media player app is one of a kind open source and cross platform Multimedia Player like MXPlayer Pro. This media player can play most of the video files as well as the protocols like Discs, Devices, Network steaming videos. This VLC app is a port of the VLC Media Player on the android platform. Just like the desktop version of VLC, it can run the following multimedia files.
  •     Videos.
  •     Audios.
  •     Network streams.
  •     Network shares and drives.
  •     DVD ISOs.

VLC media player has come a long way from being an MKV player on your PC to VLC for Android on smartphone. Its popularity is also boasted by it being free. Also it is an open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files and network streaming protocols. The second best thing about VLC is that it is totally free has no ads, no in-app-purchases, no spying and is developed by passionate volunteers. All the source code is available for free.

VLC media player is free of cost, without ads and in app purchases. Also, its source code is available for free. You can easily download subtitles and can manage it in VLC. Gesture control is one of the best feature of this app, so that with gestures you can control volume brightness and seeking. Also, you can make your own playlist in this media player and add videos you like or want to watch again and again. You can also add cover art to it. Other features include like
  •     Teletexts.
  •     Closed captions.
  •     Multi track audio and subtitles.
  •     Support for auto rotation.
  •     Adjustment of Aspect Ratio.
  •     Widget for audio control.
  •     Support of Audio Headsets.
  •     Complete Audio Media Library.

VLC for Android 3.1.7 APK

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