What Do You Want to Build If All Runs Into the City?

The country's food needs are so large, even lately we have heard that the country must import rice from neighboring countries. What actually happened in remote villages, what is happening with farmers now?

How can a nation that has long been known for its fertile land is now unable to meet food needs. All of these questions must be sought to the source where the barns once existed, namely the village.

One of the villagers told how this village was once a village that was quite rich with agricultural produce. The young people here are very rarely run out of town to just try their luck. "There is no need to go out of town, because the rice fields here can make good money," explained the villagers when describing the conditions of his village.

But the success and glory of the village did not last long, since the monetary crisis came, all agricultural prices fell apart. In fact this is compounded by the condition of pests that never end and feel like a strong monster that is difficult to fight in any way. The harvest failure that occurred repeatedly caused many people in this village to go bankrupt, not infrequently those who owned land finally became confused managing their land because there was no more capital that could be used.

That was the beginning of this story, finally many villagers went out of town to try their luck. "By going out of town, we hope to be able to raise capital to later be used to manage the land in the village," said a village youth who is now a construction worker in the city. There are not many rural residents who have the skills of city youth, and eventually many become unskilled laborers.

The many necessities of life must be fulfilled, rice fields that are now unable to sustain all needs because harvest prices often fall, fertilizers that are difficult to obtain, endless pest attacks and minimal employment in the village seem to encourage people here to continue leaving their villages . "Almost most village youths go out of town". Now it has become like the culture of each village, that every young person after graduating from school must leave the village if he wants to have more income. Many are looking for work in factories or shopkeepers or as construction workers.

A resident believes that one day it will backfire for the nation. Who will continue the culture of farming later if all village youth go to the city? What do you want to build if all run into the city?

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