When I Must Choose

When a man who is married is faced with a choice where he must choose one of the three choices, namely mother, wife, and child. Which one will he choose?

Of course this will be a dilemma for him when he has to choose one among the 3 choices. If you can choose all, of course he will choose all three. Because the three people who must be chosen are the people he loves and the people he must protect.

Even though people always say, "there is a former wife / husband, but there are no former children or ex-parents". However, between wives, children, and parents all share an important role in one's life.

Here's a story when someone has to choose between mother, wife and child, so he chooses ...

A Professor does little research on students who are married. He then asked one student to come to the front of the board.

Professor: "Write down the 10 names of the people closest to you."
Then the student wrote 10 names, there were names of neighbors, parents, coworkers, wives, children, siblings, etc.

Professor: "Now please choose 7 of the 10 names that you really want to live with."

The student then crossed out 3 names.

Professor: "Please cross out 2 more names." High are the remaining 5 names.

Professor: "Cross out 2 names again."

There are three names, namely the name of the mother, wife & child.

The class was quiet. They thought everything was finished & there was nothing else to choose.
Suddenly the Professor said: "Please cross out 1 more name!"

The student was stunned for a while. Then he slowly took the very difficult choice and crossed out his mother's name.

Professor: "Please cross out 1 more name!"

The student's heart was increasingly confused. The class atmosphere was getting tense. They all also think hard about finding the best choice. The student then lifted the marker & very slowly he crossed his son's name. At that moment the student was no longer able to stem his tears, he cried. Cloud of sadness covers all corners of the lecture hall. After the atmosphere calmed down, the Professor finally asked the student, "You did not choose the parents who raised you, nor did you choose a child who is your flesh blood; why did you choose your wife? After all, the wife could be searched again right?"

Everyone in the lecture room was stunned to wait for an answer from the student's mouth. Then the student said softly, "As time passed, my parents had to leave & leave me.
Likewise my child. If he is an adult then married. Meaning he must have left me too. Finally, people who really can accompany me in this life, even those who patiently and faithfully accompany and support me when I stumble and stumble in the face of the crush of life to reach a career are just MY WIFE ".

After taking a deep breath he continued, "Parents & children are not I who choose, but God is bestowed. Whereas the wife? I choose it from the billions of women in the world".

From the story above, there are lessons that we can take. Even though a wife can become an ex-wife one day, it is the wife who always faithfully accompanies and accompanies the husband to spend the rest of his age together, even to the last breath.

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