Update Faster & Safer Internet 2.0.9 Full APK — the world’s fastest and safest DNS resolver, the privacy-first DNS resolver is now available on the go. No one should be able to snoop 🔍 on what you do on the Internet. We’ve created so that you can connect to the Internet securely anytime, anywhere.

Greater privacy
  • By using a secure connection, makes sure no one can snoop your DNS queries.
  • Some ISPs use DNS queries to sell your data. Cloudflare will never sell your data or use it to target ads. Period.

Fastest way to experience the Internet 
  • makes the Internet faster by using Cloudflare’s global network.
  • On average, we are more than 25% faster than the next fastest public resolver.

Easy to use
  • One-touch setup to make your Internet more safe and private.
  • Install it today, get faster Internet, it’s that simple.

Best of all: No upsells, no in-app purchases, and free for life. Website owners pay us to make your Internet faster so you don’t have to.

  • Bugfix related to captive portal. Faster & Safer Internet 2.0.9 Full APK