Do not Change Your Appearance Just To Customize With The People Who Meet You

The point is that you are just ordinary looking, and then you will meet the doi or whoever does not change your appearance.

if your appearance is normal and the doe still accepts you then he really accepts you as it is, but if the doe is shy when your appearance is so uninteresting it then decide.

Never Changing the Appearance Because Looking People Are More Beautiful Than You

You are only affected by the sight of seeing someone so much more beautiful with this kind of appearance, as it is to be ignored, you are more beautiful than himself and also the heart.

The Appearance Is Very Important, But It's Much More Important Is Your Walk to Another Man

It's a very important appearance but, sometimes just a normal show of mutual respect, which keeps his obedience to God, actually the outside appearance is not very important that is just the appearance of your heart.

Do not Need to Be Another Person In A Life

In your life you do not need to be a loved one, if you are fond of being a person at one time will be bad for you, so it would be better to be alone if someone just did not like it.

Put Your Own Behavior From Your Appearance

Any point whatsoever happens to be self is more peaceful, and you after your behavior are much better probably you will gradually change your appearance much better.

Indeed From Appearance Can Not Guarantee That Your Heart Is Good, But, At All You Try to Change Your Looks Better Better

Yeah, we will not know that an appearance that you do as good as it is to your heart, or vice versa, but we do not start everything from a little thing?