Equity Is Costly, And Only Able To Be Done By A Patient Who Is Patient and Honest

This is expensive, especially expensive or can not be traded or exchanged with materials, and is only capable of being tolerant and honest.

So for you women, if when you are present there is a boy who is here, then thank you there, really, God has given you the blessings in your hup.
The equality is not what is done by any male, only the man who is able to be patient is the one who can afford it.

"Only men who have the patience have the ability to have their own needs, and of course not just any male who is able to have patience continues.

Therefore, you are willing to come to God, because, by doing so, you are already relying on male mulĂ­a like you, because only the male who is able to be patient from the self is capable of such equality.

Equity is not the case for any male, only the man who is believed to be honest is the one who can afford it.

Equality is not excluded by any male, and if your male is currently suffering, love dearly and in large numbers, because only males who are honest in the liver can afford it.

The agreement is not by any of the males, only the male who can control the heart and the patient are the ones who can afford it.
This was not done by any male, only the male could control the liver and the tube without being able to have the effect alone.

Only males are able to bow down and their opinions enjoy female independence which is not the right to be able to afford it.

The difference is that there is no doubt by any man, only the responsible man can afford it.

The agreement was not carried out by any male, because those who were truly capable of taking it were only men who were responsible for their duties as a priest.

Because, despite the lack of a male who knows that he is a family member, he unfortunately cannot really understand what his responsibilities are.

The equality is not by any object, it is only the faithful to his Rabb who can afford it.

After all, equality is not eliminated by all children, only men who are able to believe in their Rabb can afford it, who are able to maintain their hearts while still carrying out their mandate.

Because that's why the claim is expensive, because it is true that the patient is patient and honest who is able to have it perfectly, and is able to wear his woman tirelessly.