Fat After Marrying That Signs Happy, This Study Proves It

Start right because the clothes when the singgle first starts to feel cramped and no longer can be used easily? Confused what happened until the weight began to creep up. Especially for women who often get questions that make them nervous "again fill it?".

You must often see married people generally more obese than when they were not married. Your friends who have just had a wife for a year, their bodies have begun to bulge. His body was no longer as slender as when he was single.

But did you know that fat after marriage is a sign of happiness? This is evidenced by the many studies that have found a relationship between marriage and the stomach of someone who becomes fatter after marriage. Generally it is caused after married someone both women and men will eat more because the relationship they live makes it happy.

Those Who Establish More Stable Relationships Feel No Need to Appear Attractive Again

After marriage, the love relationship that is woven is more stable. The worry of separation is diminished because now you and he are bound in a legal and religious relationship. Reduced anxiety leads to happiness. According to a study conducted "Research on the National Center for Biotechnology" shows the results that someone who is happy because of love can affect the weight gain. Couples whose marriages are happy experience weight gain. While the marriage is not happy, his body will remain slim.

When you are happy with the marriage that has been undertaken at this time, to appear attractive and attractive is no longer needed because now there are couples who are accompanying you. You who are happy with your marriage will feel confident even if they appear as they are even with a widening stomach.
Not Not Want Sports, But the Fun of Taking Care of a Happy Family Makes You No Time

After marriage, you will usually eat more because you are happy with the married life you are living. A diet that is not maintained makes your body fat fast. Plus sports rarely make your stomach widen very quickly after marriage.

After marriage, usually you and he will be preoccupied with household and child affairs. Not to mention if you are also a worker who is preoccupied with office affairs. Business weight is no longer a top priority. Your life gets busier after marriage because a lot of things are taken care of. As a result, you don't have the time to just jog on weekends.
He said those who were fat after marriage were signs of comfort

 According to a study published in the 2012 Obesity journal, married couples who always do everything together for more than 2 years will experience an increase in body weight than a single person. In the study, couples who were comfortable with each other would spend more time eating together more.

Like when watching television or your favorite movie at home. Activities like this unconsciously make you and your partner eat large amounts of snacks and large meals. Finally your body weight increases dramatically.


A Happy Marriage Makes a Wife Diligent in Cooking

 Many women who are happy after marriage will usually be diligent in cooking to meet the stomach needs of their husbands and please their husbands. The wife knows very well, men will be happy after their stomachs are full.

After marrying a woman who is married to being curious to try various recipes on Youtube, ranging from making cakes, chicken katsu, rendang, and a number of other delicious dishes. You cook the food wholeheartedly, but you don't pay attention to the amount or nutrient content in it. So often you cook foods that contain lots of fat and oil. This is the reason many men who after marriage become fatter, because the wife cooks a lot of food for her but does not pay attention to the ingredients in it. Wives, please help if you cook more the composition!

After Marrying You Will Not Throw Food Easily 

 When you have established a household relationship. Usually married couples will think twice about wasting food. Especially wife. The wife is very attentive to the remnants of food that is at least still edible or not. So the wife will not hesitate to eat the leftovers from her husband or children. This is because he feels sorry to throw away the food he has been struggling to cook. But on the other hand, these good habits also lead to increased weight. This is because the wife eats more portions than her husband or children. 

Even though you are happy, but don't forget to control your weight so that your health is maintained 

 Despite the fact that a fat stomach is an indicator of happiness from a marriage relationship. But if an unhealthy lifestyle continues, it will cause various problems later. If you continue to let your stomach and your husband stay bloated, it will affect your health problems. In addition, a fat stomach if left idle will make the appearance look ugly so that in the end you will not go anywhere.

Getting married does not mean leaving your health neglected because you already have a life partner. Balance eating habits a lot by diligently exercising. Cook healthy food and pay attention to a balanced diet.