From Wounds that Do Not Cure, You Will Learn That Hoping To Humans Is Tiring

No need to drag on lamenting sadness because you made a wrong choice, even a very painful wound will take you to a valuable lesson.

After all, for what keeps on lamenting that already happened, you can continue to be sure to be sure after this you will meet a better life story.

From wounds that don't heal, you will learn that hoping for humans is very tiring, even you will realize slowly, that wishing to humans is intentional stupidity.
Not To Regret The Wounds That Are Still Burning, Enough For You To Wisely Mean It For No Longer To Put Please

Then in the midst of a wound that is still wet with regret, you should not continue to dissolve and enjoy grieving, it is wise enough for your heart to interpret what happened with full thought to God.

It's good, maybe with this wound you experience, God is teaching you an important lesson so that later you won't be mistaken.
Don't Be Fragile Then Then You Shut Up, But Look Well and Full of Patience What You Have Experienced
The point is that you should never be fragile and then you shut up, keep the spirit to continue your life, because that's where surely God wants the best in your life.

Have a good and patient look at what you have experienced, because whatever you want is definitely for your goodness later.
With Wounds Still Remaining You Will Grow To Be More Adult To No More Determine Choices

With the wounds that are still remaining you will grow to be more mature to no longer be wrong in making choices, so you must be able to control your heart to not drag on with the wounds that last long.
Isn't From the Wounds You Experience, Your Heart Becomes More Wise in Determining What People You Need?

And isn't it from the wounds you experience, your heart will also be wiser in determining what kind of person you really need? because that's why you don't need to feel sorry and hate the remaining wounds.
Enjoy Every Process You Experience, Because You Will Know What You Must Do Next
In essence, just enjoy every process that you have experienced, want to be sick or very painful, yet all of that is a valuable lesson for you to be better in the future.

Because you will know what you have to do next, if you never get tired of interpreting every inch of what you have experienced.