Google Cam Arnova8G2 APK

Google Camera is the official camera app developed by Google for Android devices, which is a substitute for the camera app that comes by default.

The first thing that will strike you about Google Camera is something negative. The problem is that the button that you use to take the photo takes up almost a fifth of the screen, covering a large part of the space that you could be seeing. Now, except for this problem, the rest of the interface is very accessible.

You can take spherical photos in order to take advantage of the views that surround you in 360 degrees. In addition, you can apply an out-of-focus effect for SLR photos with a superficial (fake) depth of field or you can activate the high-resolution panoramic image mode. All of this is available from an extendable side panel.

Google Camera is a good camera app that doesn't need to have a ton of filters and other fancy features. It is a very solid alternative that allows you to do exactly what it should: take good photos whenever you want to.

Never miss a moment with Google Camera, and take fantastic pictures using features such as Portrait and Night Sight.

Features :
  • HDR+ - Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Night Sight - You’ll never want to use your flash again. Night Sight brings out all the best details and colors that get lost in the dark.
  • Super Res Zoom - Super Res Zoom keeps your pictures sharp when you zoom in—without the blur.
  • Top Shot - Pick the perfect moment with Top Shot. Automatically recommends the best pics, where no one is blinking and everything looks just right.
  • Portrait - Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to pictures. Google Photos can also make the subject of your photo pop by leaving them in color, while changing the background to black and white.
  • Google Lens Suggestions - Just point your camera at contact info, URLs, and barcodes, and it’ll automatically suggest things to do like calling the number, or sending an email.
  • Playground - Have fun mixing the real world with the virtual through AR stickers and effects!

Permissions :
  • Camera: Required in order to capture pictures and videos.
  • Microphone: Required in order to record audio with every video.
  • Storage: Required in order to save picture and videos. 
  • Location: Required if you would like to record location information with your pictures and videos.

Arnova8G2’s Google cam download hub page is here. Listed below are all available Stable versions of Gcam modded by Arnova8G2. Download the APK files from mirror direct links. All APKs are hosted on speedy Linux servers. Hence, you can download confidently either directly on your phone or on your computer.

Arnova8G2 is a popular modder and developer. He is a developer who successfully ports Gcam app from Pixel to be compatible for many Android devices. Moreover, he has managed to be the first to roll out with the latest version of the G Camera app ported from Pixel 3.

There are so many releases by Arnova8G2. He strives to regularly release a new update of the ported app.

We list only its recommended and stable versions below – to avoid confusion.

GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V1 APK

GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V2 APK

GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V3 APK

GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V3b1 APK

GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V4 APK

GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V5 APK

GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V6 APK