His name is also patient, it must be very bitter felt. Because the Sweet Is the Fruit of Patience

Remind our hearts not to always grumble sorrowfully with the life process that God offers is not pleasant, because after all everything will be beautiful in time, it's just that we have to be really patient in it.

Then if any of us say "be patient it is very bitter felt", yaiyalah sob name is also patient, press the heart to remain calm even though very much want to complain.

Want a sweet one? because that's why you should be able to be patient and remain patient, even though it feels very bitter and tormenting the heart, because the sweetness is the fruit of patience.
Just Fighting in Patience First, Not Complaining and Many Questions Will End When

So fight first in patience, no need to complain much and ask a lot when it will end what God is offering us.

Because if it is time, without asking anything that tests our patience it will definitely end too.
Just Believe Same God, Because There Will Not Be a Life Burden That Perches On Us

The key is to just trust God, just believe in His strength, because there will not be a burden of life that will remain forever on us, there will be no problem that will forever stick to us, because God has finally determined.
Do not be upset if you want to end soon, first enjoy every process so that we know what wisdom is with him

So you do not want to be upset soon to end, first enjoy each process so that we know what wisdom is there with him, because if our hearts and minds are endeavored to be calm then there will certainly be goodness which will later awaken us that all of that is actually good.
It is impossible for God to give us problems without goodness and mutual benefits

Because there is no way for God to deliver us to the problem without any good and benefits with it, then make sure we are able to be patient first, don't be easily weak and don't be easily frustrated in facing something that makes it difficult for us.
Try to Study Well, Maybe We Didn't Find It Because We Always Were Sight and Not Sabaran

And try to do it well, maybe we will not find it because we are indeed always deteriorated and impatient to enjoy His plan.

Try from the beginning we are able to be patient, sincere, generous for what God has given, then we will slowly understand that what God has set is actually good for us.