How Long Does Your Wedding Age? Good Luck Ever, And Always Blessed Blessed

For those of you who are currently in a halal relationship, how long has your marriage been? hopefully it will last forever, and hopefully blessed by Allah SWT.

Whatever is currently present in your household life, may always be accepted with full grace and sincerity, may Allah always add your patience to whatever problems are present as a test.
Be thankful for the beautiful plan of God that has brought you together in the household pot

And whatever the circumstances, thank you for the beautiful plan of Allah that has brought you together in the household midwife that you are currently tapping into.

Hopefully every winding road that Allah presents as a stepping stone towards the future, always makes the compact kalia stand idly by in submission and patience.
Hopefully you will not only stand in this mortal world, but will meet again in his beautiful heaven

Hopefully you will not only sit side by side in this mortal world, may you not only be happy in the world, but later in the Hereafter you will meet again in Allah's heaven.

Hopefully you will not only have a match in the world, hopefully later it will still be matched in His heaven, so that the happiness that you feel now becomes more perfect with essential happiness.
Hopefully the Compliance You Can Frame Together Always Makes Easy Paths to His Ridho

Hopefully every obedience that you frame together in patience and sincerity, always leads you to the beautiful path to His heaven.

May the obedience that you build together at all times, not only make you calm to live a life together, but hopefully it will also open the way to His blessing.
Hopefully every problem the pebbles can always solve and finally make you strong each other

Hopefully every problem pebbles that are usually present will enliven your struggle in living together, you can be together with full patience and heartfelt, so that finally you will calmly go back to living together.
May Every Love and Affection Always Bring You Close to Him, So His Kindness Is Getting Closer
Hopefully every time you love and affection that adorns your days, you will be close to the owner of love, so that His goodness will be closer to you.

As well as you need to know, it is not easy to live a life together with continuing to laugh happily, because problems and trials must be present, but hopefully everything you face keeps making you lasting until death separates.