I'm the one who helped you stand up, but unfortunately the other people you invite are walking

Ever been in a position like this? already struggling to sacrifice a lot, doing good endlessly, uh suddenly improved and instead put forward other people, even this same struggle has been knitted together as if there is no price.

And funny, sometimes we help him to stand up, help him get up from the darkness of the complicated story he experienced, but unfortunately other people are invited to walk the future.
Disappointed? That Is Clear, But You Can Not Always With Disappointment

Are you disappointed? it's not clear, but you can't keep on feeling disappointed, you can't keep on with what is hitting your heart.

You may be discouraged when you know he has ignored you, you may be furious when he knows he betrayed you, but you must be able to calm things down wisely.
Pain? It Will Be Very Painful, But When Do You Continue to Feel Painful?

Sick? do not ask again, because it will certainly be very painful, but want to arrive whenever you continue to feel hurt? how long will you be tormented with things that have passed?

Let go, you can't keep remembering the bad things that have been passed, because after all these are God's best decisions.
Let Him Only Apply Not Fair To You, Yet God Has Provided The Best Reply For You

No need to be busy thinking about him who might not have thought about you, leave him with no self-knowledge, really God knows what is better for you.

Just let him apply unfairly to you, yet God has provided the best reply for every patience and sincerity that you do.
Don't Feel Sad, You Will Give God an Extra Gift From the Sincerity and Kindness You Offer

Don't you feel sad anymore, don't you feel beaten and disappointed, because you will have an extraordinary gift from God, sincerity and kindness that you have offered for him.

You must not complain, you have to stay good with good prejudice, learn to forgive and not hold grudges, because you will be calm again if you soften your forgiveness.
Not Complaining, Believe That God Has Prepared a Beautiful Reply To You

Then you don't have to complain, you don't need to be disappointed again, believe that God has prepared a beautiful reply for you.

Do not need to feel sorry, do not need to feel sad because your goodness is in vain, because after all that God has seen perfectly, and God has also coupled the best reply for you later