Remember, It's Not Just the Burden of Your Heavy Life, Because Other People Must Have Life Burden

Do not let what God has outstrip to you as your way of life, whatever it is that God has just met your ability, and certainly for the good that you need later.

Therefore, just keep your heart with gratitude and endless patience, just believe that you are not God's burdens, because other people must have the burden of his life.
Do not Think Only The Burden of Your Life Which Is Weighty, It Can Be The Burden of Living Others Are Overweight From Your Burden

You can not think of just the burden of your heavy life, just your exams, and only you God's trials, because it can be a burden on the lives of others is actually heavier than your burden.
Every Person of God Gives Trouble, So Everyday We Can Be Percent and Be Powerful and Better

Do not worry about God, not only do you bring God's affair, because every soul has God given his own problem.

Yes, every God gave a problem in his life, so what? so that every one of us can process becomes stronger and better to live this life
Sincerely, do not always grumble over what God has set before you
Take care of your heart with sincerity, do not always strive for what God has set you up to, really what God outlines is indeed the best for you.

You do not need to cry with tears that do not subsidence, you do not have to be too late in sadness, even if you do not want it but God's good, then what can you do?
Do Not Have to Compare Your Life With Another's Life, Because Everybody Have Different Life Processes
Legowo alone with what God has dedicated, do not have to compare your life with the lives of others, because everyone has a different life process.

God does not make it the same, there is something lighter than your problem, and some are even heavier than your problem. But all that has been God is in accordance with our own ability.
You Only Focus On What God Gives, When It Lives Then Enjoy It Full of Patience and Sincerity

Therefore, you should focus only on what God has given you, if it is merat then enjoy it patiently and sincerely.

Do not complain about it continuously, because the complaining will not reduce your burden, it will make you feel more heavy.