Sometimes We Prioritize Him Than God Who Has Everything, So We Often Feel Confused

Yes, sometimes we prioritize someone who is special in our hearts compared to God who has everything, so it is not uncommon for us to feel uneasy or confused.

Ever? there must be many who say ever, because it is very difficult to win the heart to not be complacent about the goodness of mankind, and only really focus on the goodness of God.

Or maybe someone is upset because of human behavior? if there is, hopefully you quickly realize that the only thing that is calm is remembering Allah, remembering His goodness.
We often put him in mind before God who is able to calm the heart

Because maybe all this time we always prioritize remembering someone we think is special, rather than Allah who is able to calm the heart.

So try to examine well how our relationship with him and with God who is always close to us, is it true that we are more absorbed than God? if indeed yes then that's our fault.
We often unite in view of their goodness, rather than the goodness of God who is perfect

Or maybe we often unite remembering his goodness, rather than remembering the goodness of God who is always perfect. Because that is why so far we have never felt calm and fine in the life we ​​live.
We often remember those who always pay attention, rather than God, who long before he came was attentive

Moreover, what often gives us endless attention, it is very often possible to remember him rather than remembering God who is much more attentive to us, even before we get attention from him someone we consider special.
We often remember the love of Him who always lulls us, rather than God the giver of love
And indeed can not be denied also, often we remember the love of him who always lulls us, rather than Allah the most giver of love.

Therefore, the life we ​​live is always broken and endless, because we may have wished to other than Him.
We often remember something that is not clear, until finally forgetting God and often feeling uneasy about being confused

It may be true that often we remember something that is not yet clear, until finally forgetting God and often feeling anxious, sad, disappointed not known.

Strangely enough, sometimes we know that hoping and relying on imperfect humans is tiring, but still we are tempted to do it and forget to hope for Him, so finally the disappointment that comes is very disappointing.