Tor Browser for Android v60.8.0 Mod APK

Tor Browser for Android v60.8.0 Mod APK is the main authority versatile program upheld by the Tor Project, designers of the world’s most grounded apparatus for protection and opportunity on the web.

Note: For this discharge, you likewise need to introduce Orbot, an intermediary application that will interface Tor Browser for Android with the Tor organize. For the up and coming Tor Browser for Android stable discharge, our objective is for Orbot not to be important to associate with Tor.

Known issue: Our Security Slider is currently under ‘Security Settings,’ but since of a little issue, it’s just appearing after you restart the application. We plan on fixing it for the following discharge.


Tor Browser segregates every site you visit so outsider trackers and advertisements can’t tail you. Any treats consequently clear when you’re finished perusing.


Tor Browser averts somebody viewing your association from realizing what sites you visit. All anybody observing your perusing propensities can see is that you’re utilizing Tor.


Tor plans to make all clients appear to be identical, making it hard for you to be fingerprinted dependent on your program and gadget data.


When you use Tor Browser for Android, your traffic is transferred and encoded multiple times as it disregards the Tor organize. The system is contained a large number of volunteer-run servers known as Tor transfers. Watch this activity to become familiar with how it functions:


With Tor Browser for Android, you are allowed to access destinations your nearby network access supplier may have blocked.

Tor Browser is free and open source programming built up the Tor Project, a not-for-profit association. You can help keep Tor solid, secure, and free by making a gift. Give today, and Mozilla will coordinate your blessing: https://donate.torproject.org/give/give sin-gp

Get familiar with Tor Browser for Android:
  • Need assistance? Visit https://support.torproject.org. The manual is not far off.
  • Learn progressively about what’s going on at Tor: https://blog.torproject.org
  • Follow the Tor Project on Twitter: https://twitter.com/torproject


The Tor Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) association growing free and open source programming for security and opportunity web based, shielding individuals from following, reconnaissance, and oversight. The Tor Project’s central goal is to propel human rights and opportunities by making and sending free and open source secrecy and security advancements, bolster their unlimited accessibility and use, and further their logical and famous comprehension.

Tor Browser for Android v60.8.0 Mod APK