Why We Love To Fall In Love With People Who Can't Be Owned

For the umpteenth time, we might stroke the chest, asking ourselves to be patient for unrequited love. Shortly after, we might ask ourselves, "Why, I always fall in love with them that I can't have?" Many situations of heart-tugging are touted as sweeteners of love relationships, sometimes giving us the view that capturing the heart we like is something easy. Even though in reality, it is often more difficult.

Such unrequited love is quite torturous. Looking forward to seeing and smiling at us watching, let alone to turn around and say hello, the one you like walks more and more often. Hundreds of nights we spend in order to attract attention, all kinds of ways are done only to get a reply. Although in fact he still doesn't care, but strangely our love is getting higher.

Then, have you ever wondered why we love falling in love with someone who can't? This simple explanation will give you an answer.
We Too Enjoy the Sensation of the Approach Process

Some of us often feel happy if the andrenaline goes up to get someone. Assuming someone who is difficult to conquer is a figure that must be obtained. Until something easily obtained is considered less valuable, while the one that is hard to come by is something very valuable. Even though in reality he had no sense, we were deep in euphoria, we forgot to see the facts. The fact that he really never felt anything for us.
A Few Times, Love That Is Rewarded Can Also Make You Tired of Waiting For Your Time

Not without reason, several times, he might have shown a sign of dislike. But only because of our own ego, we too believe that someday he will also like us. Even though in fact, we are not a figure that is expected to be a partner by him.

It's that simple, it's just that, sometimes we find it hard to realize that he never likes. Furthermore, we often feel more free to still like him. Even though it's unreasonable, it feels good. Because there is a possibility, if he will hurt us more deeply. Because from the beginning it was never like, and never seen wanting to be closer to us.
Promising to Stop, Give a Little Response Directly Opening Your Heart

Know what it feels like to be ignored, if you really need help, it's certainly not something fun. Many times we hope to be liked by the same way, many times we also have to bear the disappointment because he came just because he needed help.

Falling in love with anyone is never wrong, but it will be a source of trouble if you torture yourself just because you still hope for him who does not love. Let go of what is your burden, let it go. Something that indeed for you will return in any way. So if indeed he still does not want to open his heart, try to open your heart to someone other than him.
Then Feel Safe by Loving It Secretly
Falling in love with someone we can't have is indeed frustrating. So to stay away from heartache, many of us choose to remain silent. Save all affection, to convey all desires from a distance. We feel we can freely do anything, because there is no official statement that is interesting we are only with him alone.

Every time together, we can feel we have it. But in some situations, we feel stepped over by people who try to get close to him. Never mind asking him not to connect with these people, just be angry we can't. We are nobody for him.
And We Only Have Two Choices: Continue Trying to Get It or Stop Because It's Tired

If you manage to melt his heart, maybe the situation will be different. Considered to be a success because it can change a person's decision to accept feelings. But it was different, if until now he still remained in his choice. Not accepting you and still ignoring all your efforts.

No need to put yourself in something that hurts you, you have many opportunities to be able to share your feelings and love other people.
Not About Worthy Or Not, It's Just Everybody Eligible To Refuse

Why, he can't accept me? Am I beautiful? Not good? Not handsome enought? Less attractive? And some other questions that often nest in the head. Look, much bigger than the rejection you received today. Outside there are hundreds of millions of people who can receive and repay love as much.

Can not force someone to accept us, for that you need to train yourself to be chest-full. Accepting all forms of failure and rejection, including feelings.
For That, Stop Expecting the One You Can't Have

Indeed, we never know where the heart and feeling will be anchored. The presence of love that flows so often often makes the mind falter and split. No longer able to distinguish, where something can indeed turn into reality with something that is just boasting.

During this time he might respond to you, acting well as if he loved you, but if you yourself already know there are other people who also put his heart on him. Loving and loving anyone is never wrong. But we are responsible, where our love and affection will be hung.

With him who can seem to love each other or he who looks attractive but can never be successfully pursued. Determine your choice, before regretting later for too long hoping for an impossibility.