Your Girlfriend May Be Taken by Others, But Not With Your Mate

Those who are broken hearted because they are expected to move their hearts to others, do not have to be too sad and desperate, because if indeed a mate is certainly not going anywhere.

Your girlfriend or whoever you think is special, maybe someone else can take it, but not with your johoh. Then you don't need to be too frustrated to think of him who is currently walking towards someone else and not choosing you.
Mate Will Never Be Swapped and Can't Be Taken By People

Remember, the mate will never be exchanged, it will never be misplaced, will never come late, and will not be able to be taken by someone else.

God has created it especially for you, God has arranged it in the best way and way, so make sure you always remember that.
If He Has Allah Designated You, Of course He Will Come To You Regardless of the Way

In essence, if indeed God has designated you, of course he will come to you how the way, however difficult the obstacles that he traveled, you are the one who remains the final destination.
You Don't Want to Feel Sad, If He Has Gone Means It Is Really Not Your Match

For this reason, you don't need to feel sad, you don't have to keep hugging, don't accept it, because if indeed he has left it means that he is not your soul mate.

You have to be faithful to God's decision, you must be able to calm your heart, because everything you experience is certainly the best for you.
Do You Not Trust God's Promise? Then Enlarge Your Heart With Sincerity

And do you not believe in God's promises? doesn't God promise that when you are sincere you will get the best? then magnify your heart with sincerity, do not feel heavy anymore because God will give you an extraordinary change.
Just wait for a better change to come to you, because God has prepared it
So just wait for a better change to come to you, just wait for the beautiful story God has planned, because God has prepared it so well for you.

God might have kept him away from what you had hoped for all this time, but believe that behind all that God has planned a better substitute for you.